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If you think there are no good JRPGs released any more, go play Trinity Universe (Archived)
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Have any bundles been announced for Christmas? (Archived)ACitizenOfEarth58/27/2011
Do PS2 to USB converters work for PS3 anymore? (Archived)
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Is it me, or is FIFA the only sports game that offers something new every year? (Archived)makaveli4318/27/2011
Epic Mickey 2 may be in the works for PS3/Wii/360 (Archived)
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Bought my first HDTV for my PS3 :D Did I make a good purchase? (Archived)
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C/D the PS4 should cost no more than 399.99 (Archived)
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question on fixing my system. (Archived)traskman28/27/2011
What makes a good WRPG (Archived)
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who else has the ps3 off till the storms are over and everything is back to norm (Archived)shads305558/27/2011
Is Resistence any good? (Archived)
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My PS3 hated Uncharted. I thought it was ok though (Archived)Mr_Burgener78/27/2011
I almost bought 5th Anniversary Oblivion today but didn't? A mistake? (Archived)icewolf7468/27/2011
On my way to Gamestop for something to play. Resonance of Fate or Nier? (Archived)Onipaladin98/27/2011
So nice owning the undisputed best console this gen. (Archived)
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Is dead space 2 worth getting if i've not played the first? (Archived)
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what are good games to get that are under $20 right now (Archived)merc123158/27/2011
PSN+ Auto Save not working? (Archived)MasterDuo78/27/2011
I hate the new "My Games" format >:-( (Archived)
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What game have you put the most hours into? (Archived)
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