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I just ordered DA:O Ultimate Edition and DA2 (Archived)
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anyone else find this funny? (Archived)
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Unlimited Graphical capabilities for next gen systems? (Archived)
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will there ever be a current gen battleship game now that there is a movie? (Archived)Twilight_Gavin68/2/2011
Disc readers (asking for both PS2 and PS3). (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X68/2/2011
How Long Will Blood Stone be 10 dollars new at Gamestop? (Archived)tw123987548/2/2011
Help me pick out a game for my birthday (Archived)_HlM_108/2/2011
PSN Store down? (Archived)DrunkenMasta3688/2/2011
BC PS3s deleting PS2 saves? (Archived)
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Chaos Stryker178/2/2011
What I don't understand about wrpgs like Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. (Archived)
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Is Resistance 3 on your radar? (Archived)
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usb drive help (Archived)kosmos121468/2/2011
Does Ruse have an active online community? (Archived)Meteor516018/2/2011
Help think ps3 died (Archived)chris22kaii848/2/2011
Gamefaqs+PS3 system (Archived)
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Any point in keeping Borderlands GOTY (Archived)_HlM_48/2/2011
Just want to be with a girl with a sword (Archived)psprulz200798/2/2011
Which type of HDTV has the least lag ? (Archived)
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Do you think DICE laughs at Call of Duty? (Archived)
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just bought wkc2 (Archived)alistairfingers108/2/2011