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New Darkstalkers announced! (Archived)
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So SF4 gave the fighting games genre a rebirth? (Archived)Sumo_Thug47/21/2011
I love the near unanimous hate for Capcom on this board.. (Archived)
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I need technical help with my PS3 and TV. (Archived)Kaliesto87/21/2011
Is there any point to getting MvC3 now? (Archived)Artahn107/21/2011
PS3 Display settings: RGB - Limited or Full (Archived)zyrax230127/21/2011
Tales Of Vesperia PS3 OVL3 Mystic artes (Archived)SpeedFighterr67/21/2011
Tales of Xillia Outpacing Past Tales Games (Archived)
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So what's capcom's excuse for not making this DLC? (Archived)
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I don't like DD content. (Archived)
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Street Fighter X Tekken Comic-Con Screenshots (Archived)the415Anamoly27/21/2011
Nolan North (aka Drake) coming after Jimmy Fallon (Archived)golsilva37/21/2011
So I`m playing MGS4 and... (Archived)Smellee57/21/2011
Rumor: God of War Master Collection (all GoW games on one disc) (Archived)
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if you havent played it, goldeneye wii is an excellent game... (Archived)
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Please Gamefaqs Don't buy the new Darkstalkers wait till Super Version instead! (Archived)Aerosoldier57/21/2011
Soul Calibur V, Ivy Never ages, and ...Taki's daughter? (Archived)Jahkeemyork87/21/2011
BB Deal "Black Ops Prestige Edition" only $14.99 (US Only) (Archived)Supreme_Hunter37/21/2011
Do you believe masochistic-designs in Japanese games are turning gamers off? (Archived)Ekidona_37/21/2011
FFXIII would have been better with ________________. (Archived)
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