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Confirmed sequels with no news since? (Archived)
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So what do you think is going to be the new feature for the new gen of systems? (Archived)xxghost12xx18/8/2011
Are servers for EA games universal? (Archived)Shadow Edge18/8/2011
Is there any reason at all games should have only one save file anymore? (Archived)
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Rate my backlog (Archived)paris_in_flames78/8/2011
Industry moving away from Boss Fights? (Archived)
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Need info about ICO/SotC (Archived)robinoyo68/8/2011
Would you recommend this tv for gaming? (Archived)
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Sadako Ghost228/8/2011
Any good stealth games out right now? (Archived)TheHunter5668/8/2011
Rate my buy list for the rest of the year (Archived)
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kloud 11238/8/2011
Patches should really be saved as separate data files. (Archived)Triple_Aitch98/8/2011
Looking for a console based RPG game (Archived)
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Pre-order PlayStation 3D Display with MS: Apocalypse, get Resistance 3 free (Archived)PhaseBlack28/8/2011
Amazon also offering resistance 3 free with playstation 3d tv bundle (Archived)golsilva18/8/2011
PSN user name question (Archived)murgyver48/8/2011
Just Got My PS3 Back! (Archived)sldfghtrike48/8/2011
So who thinks...(COMPARISON MW3&BF3) (Archived)rebelofrebels108/8/2011
How do you download the Resistance 3 demo off of Battle LA? (Archived)
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THE 2011 Battle: Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 (Archived)
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sniper ghost warrior or operation flashpoint red river (Archived)garysgirl78/8/2011