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Falcom needs to make a JRPG for the PS3 after seeing this trailer (Archived)
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I hope they make Police Quest and Lisure Larry collections on PS3 (Archived)
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I'm terrible at fighting games but I love them so much. (Archived)
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Do you like video game merchandise? (Archived)
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PS3 is region free, right? (Archived)MBBDarigon77/28/2011
Just Bought Mass Effect 2 (Archived)
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I could have sworn I saw MK II, Rampage and Joust on the Playstaion Store... (Archived)yakuza_kid00037/28/2011
Amazon deal (Archived)OoSubaruoO77/28/2011
So is Manhunt officially dead? (Archived)
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GT5 or hot pursuit? (Archived)flame03019177/28/2011
PS3 best selling console in June (Archived)
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jon davis127/28/2011
DNF Video (Archived)cordsman17/28/2011
WTF! PS3 section shrunked in Gamestops! (Archived)
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Will this quality level be good as a starter for ps4? (Archived)
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I really hope ps4 is BC with ps3 games as well as ps3-psn games. (Archived)
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Who here put over 1 TB in their consoles? (Archived)AmazingDany37/28/2011
I need suggestions for a new game to help with the summer gaming blues (Archived)thewhiz1787/28/2011
Finished Assassins Creed Brotherhood It might be in my top 5 best games this gen (Archived)
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They should remake X-wing vs. Tie Fighter.... (Archived)DrGonzo61537/28/2011
Help me pick something from PSN. (Archived)Jamesccg77/28/2011