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Sign here if your excited for the MGS HD collection! (Archived)
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So many games coming out, what is your buy/rent/budget list? (Archived)
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Sequels are just more of the same. Dead Island is something new for PS3 C/D? (Archived)
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Best Hockey game? (Archived)Bebop24228/14/2011
I bet there will be no exciting news from Gamescom (Archived)PhaseBlack28/14/2011
is it even safe to buy psp games at this point? (Archived)
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C/D Every game should let you know how many hours you've played (Archived)
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A question to anyone with a PS3! *But more specifically with Dragon Age 2 :P* (Archived)robinoyo18/14/2011
Using Turtle Beach Px21 headset on PC? (Archived)IAmMC258/14/2011
Just picked up Brink (Archived)
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Whatever happened to the Onimusha series? (Archived)Varna968/14/2011
Five PS3 Exclusives that 360 Owners Would Die to have on their Consoles (Archived)
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So I tried the demo for that Galaga DX thing... (Archived)
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What internet provider does Sony support? (Archived)GamerGuy3838/14/2011
Final Fantasy XIII has a bigger cast of characters than Tales of Graces... (Archived)
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Doom 4 is gonna be so big it may not fit on a Blu-Ray disc! (Archived)
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should i get the Sony 3dtv bundle? (Archived)Asume458/14/2011
Carmack: Doom 4 Is So Big It May Not Fit On PS3 Bluray Discs (Archived)Paragon5748/14/2011
Buy Rage new and get more content (Archived)
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Can someone tell me how to reset the video settings without having my PS3 on? (Archived)John_Titor203678/14/2011