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fan goes crazy everytime i play "heavy games" (Archived)unlikelyserge37/24/2011
Is Oni Akuma avatar in EU store yet? (Archived)tactikz417/24/2011
Who else thinks FPS games ruined console gaming? (Archived)JiZamez97/24/2011
Will we ever get a "proper" Megaman game before this gen ends? (Archived)
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Any PS3 RPGs that have a sphere grid like system like FFX? (Archived)Agnostic42067/24/2011
PS3 not etecting my hard drive (It is FAT32 format) (Archived)sharkmanv327/24/2011
Tekken Hybrid includes Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue demo (Archived)
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Soccer/Football/Futbol fans which is better FIFA or PES? (Archived)Spartan718107/24/2011
aside from being a horrible this is why hack-n-slash needs to die (Archived)
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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time's "El Jeffe" introduced in new trailer (Archived)
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So devs are all clamouring to make disposable MP games... (used market topic) (Archived)da_StoOge87/24/2011
question about import games (not about region free) (Archived)maga power17/24/2011
Game suggestions please? (I know, same old topic.....) (Archived)
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Catherine comic (Archived)StarDestinyGuy77/24/2011
Elpresador is on a road to finding a decent player on the ezstation 3 (Archived)jason1919267/24/2011
Im shocked they have not split the RE games yet. (Archived)DrunkenJin107/24/2011
Is cross game voice chat for PS+ only? (Archived)
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Is Crysis 2 for the PS3 a good game? (Archived)bulletproven5047/24/2011
Any PS3 games similar to the Dragon Age series? (Archived)
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Golden Maven297/24/2011
If Golden Axe and Streets of Rage are being remastered for PSN/XBLA... (Archived)
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