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Why does netflix on ps3 have such a horrible layout? :( (Archived)AzurexNightmare47/24/2011
Assassin's Creed Revelations.....anyone from NA thinking about ordering from EU? (Archived)
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Found some treasure today at Best Buy... (Archived)MrBanballow57/24/2011
Thanks to WKC1 & 2, I never play my free PSN+ games (Archived)HoIlywood67/24/2011
So I cant sign in (Archived)Anticitizen9727/24/2011
PLAYSTATION VIP PASS at comic-con!!!! (Archived)
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What series do you wish to get a reboot? (Archived)
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could we get a petition to include twisted metal black on disc with the new... (Archived)The_Conjuring107/24/2011
PS1 classic problem (Archived)
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Why don't PS3 devs make games I want to play? (Archived)
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Underrated games that you'd like a sequel from. (Archived)
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PS3 came back to life :D (Archived)pukkating78647/24/2011
Why do they still release games based on movies? (Archived)
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Any more games like ratchet and clank? (Archived)TonyWasRight47/24/2011
fan goes crazy everytime i play "heavy games" (Archived)unlikelyserge37/24/2011
Is Oni Akuma avatar in EU store yet? (Archived)tactikz417/24/2011
Who else thinks FPS games ruined console gaming? (Archived)JiZamez97/24/2011
Will we ever get a "proper" Megaman game before this gen ends? (Archived)
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Any PS3 RPGs that have a sphere grid like system like FFX? (Archived)Agnostic42067/24/2011
PS3 not etecting my hard drive (It is FAT32 format) (Archived)sharkmanv327/24/2011