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They couldn't bring the genesis version of Golden Axe instead? (Archived)
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Demon's Souls or Nier? (Archived)
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Beyond Good and Evil HD, Hard Corps: Uprising, or Castle Crashers? (Archived)Botnus91257/12/2011
Deleting Trophies (Archived)
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Great deals on PSN store. What is recommended? (Archived)AngelSkulz47/12/2011
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Shadows of the damned (Archived)stealth4297/12/2011
Aaaaaand we have another reminder of why this PSN Pass is a bad idea (Archived)
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Does KOF XIII only have many console characters included as a bonus? (Archived)Sumo_Thug67/12/2011
C/D Folklore Nier (Archived)MMAKSX77/12/2011
Full games on the PSN Store? (Archived)shmatta97/12/2011
Is there a good FPS game ith local multiplayer (up to 4 people) against bots? (Archived)
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Whats the replay value in Earth Defence Force? (Archived)MMAKSX97/12/2011
Scott Pilgrim DLC worth it? (Archived)Botnus91287/12/2011
NAT Type (Archived)zero_or_die7967/12/2011
Which color is better for Dualshock 3 controller? Red or Blue? (Archived)
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3.66 update keeps failing (Archived)Bigshock8537/12/2011
What to get on the PSN? (Archived)ElricVanClaus17/12/2011
Just got a PS3, when i turn it on all it shows is colored static. (Archived)SeaMen17/12/2011
So is more added to the summer sale or is whats there it? (Archived)pegasusmagic00127/12/2011