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Do you think FFXIII would be a better game if it was exclusive to PS3? (Archived)
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Is there a way to change which WiFi channel remote play uses? (Archived)The Bad Guy17/16/2011
Concerning Hitman: Conv- I mean, Absolution.... (Archived)necrin_ezekiel17/16/2011
PS4 concept packed with futuristic tech would make Sony proud. (Archived)Paragon57107/16/2011
PS Move worth it for $60? (Archived)gnbfd97/16/2011
Anyone have the Sharpshooter gun for PS Move? (Archived)Team_Coco67/16/2011
Will we EVER see FFX on ps3? (Archived)
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Having a backlog can really suck (Archived)
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What's a backlog? (Archived)
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Is YAKUZA 4 better then 3? (Archived)
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Anyone want to help(need to) get the no continues trophy in Golden Axe? (Archived)hyperpowder77/16/2011
Is it odd that i'm expecting to thoroughly enjoy Final Fantasy XIII? (Archived)
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I thought Punchtime Explosion was coming out for PS3 too? We need a Smash Bros! (Archived)BCAM198457/16/2011
Dude I just bought (Archived)
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How Do you delete unwanted trophy info ? (Archived)
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I'm getting one game today (Archived)Hazardous23767/16/2011
Dark Awake (trial demo from JP PSN) (Archived)
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What is the best way to complete your back log? (Archived)
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Which of these is the better pistol for Playstation Move? (Archived)Team_Coco37/16/2011
Can't make a PSN account? (Archived)Luster_Sly77/16/2011