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Honestly, is Twisted Metal worth getting excited about? (Archived)
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Data and account question (Archived)khlexaeus57/18/2011
Since that board is dead, I shall ask here (soul caliber 3 question) (Archived)wvnative0337/18/2011
Back to the Future games on PSN worth buying? (Archived)Tombante17/18/2011
Recommend me a game. (Archived)
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SOCOM Confrontation & SOCOM 4. Both had terrible launches this generation. (Archived)DaBxBomber8997/18/2011
Someone on this board did 60 FPS transfer of movie trailers while back... (Archived)Gatekeeper99937/18/2011
Where is Kevin Butler these days? (Archived)ImpulseDOM77/18/2011
Activision and 15 dollar map packs? (Archived)
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Yakuza series.....any good? (Archived)
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What game do I HAVE to buy? (Archived)
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I wish they'd launch multiple colours of PS3 (Archived)ThongSnapper107/18/2011
Changed my mind on Driver: San Francisco. Car list related (Archived)
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Small thought if S.978 gets passed..(ps3 related) (Archived)Rawrman1547/18/2011
Is it Borderlands GOTY thats coming out tomorrow on PSN? (Archived)R0N1N187107/18/2011
Can this damage my PS3? (Archived)ReplayKillah3237/18/2011
PS3 getting three group Co-op masterpieces! More reasons for friends to join! (Archived)xenosaga12367/18/2011
How is 3D Dot Heroes? (Archived)jazvdb9387/18/2011
How is Two Worlds 2? Worth $30? (Archived)Scorzonera57/18/2011
North America is receiving KOF95 for PS3 and PSP this Tuesday! (Archived)xenosaga12377/18/2011