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tbqh getting tired of hearing about Nier (Archived)
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Just got 20$ PSN card, recommendations on what to buy please. (Archived)pegasusmagic00167/11/2011
I really need an rpg to play! help please (Archived)TPfan8947/11/2011
Sony's PSN Pass will not support rental games (Archived)
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Why is all writing extremely tiny this gen? (Archived)
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just cause 2 Is It Worth It...... (Archived)MDP8577/11/2011
tbqh, l wish more people would talk more about Nier... (Archived)
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Jimquisition: Linearity versus Replayability (Archived)Rob_the_Ninja37/11/2011
Trial games - do you get to keep saves and trophies? (Archived)Tombante17/11/2011
Well i just joined the yold club whats the current stat on how many people ... (Archived)rad_ad8867/11/2011
So anybody looking forward to bodycount? (Archived)tw123987537/11/2011
Burnout Crash GAMEPLAY revealed. Get ready to laugh. (Archived)
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Okay..trophy question (Archived)SergeantCorbett87/11/2011
RPG recomendations. (Archived)Nova66677/11/2011
Is this a good tv for the price? (Archived)
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New WWE game announced- not sure what the hell I just watched (Archived)
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Dark Souls gravelord summon picture (Archived)
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What do you think is PS3's main franchise? (Archived)
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Is Brotherhood supposed to be as annoying as it is? (Archived)
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I struck some Gaming Gold.....I think (Archived)LittleBigDragon97/11/2011