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Have platinum trophies for games ever kill your motivation to play altogether?
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EclairReturns149/21 2:57PM
PS3 Games You Own With No Interest To Platinum
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AlphaOmegaSid599/21 2:49PM
Resident Evil 5 Gold original price.. (and Hitman Trilogy) Also question..FaustXII19/21 2:37PM
So is Sonic racing worth it even with tough platinum?
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Belkin NetCam HD will cause conflicts with PS3 & PSNgameghy55529/21 1:44PM
Lol PS now fail.
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overlordlaharl0149/21 1:36PM
Incoming PSN Flash Sale: **+++** Racing games **+++**
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catMillionaire679/21 1:23PM
Where do people draw the line between fans and fanboys?
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jameswann64319/21 1:23PM
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ff13-2 $2.99 on ps storeBilly Trance59/21 10:39AM