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So what have you bought lately and/or have been playing lately on PS3 everyone?
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Justice98405323/24 3:51PM
Game of Thrones RPG is awesome
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
KoroshiyaZero113/24 3:44PM
Games that won't overheat my PS3Selite73/24 3:32PM
About Disgaea & Persona..Just_Wanna_Play53/24 3:11PM
Battle of the PSone Classics!(Semi-Final 1) (Poll)
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fiyeroatheart173/24 1:43PM
Tales of Graces has worst Characters in a Tales game
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gamergeek101293/24 1:25PM
Konami already hiring for NEXT Metal Gear game
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Jx1010213/24 12:49PM
What games do you want to see a $$$Price Mi$take$$$ for?
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xTyrant---113/24 12:41PM
1.5 TB HDD in Ps3?h1245620873/24 11:39AM
Does anyone here play Dragon's Crown? Looking for partners :)jamejame43/24 11:27AM
Recommed MUST OWN PS3 games that won't be rebooted/remastered for PS4
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PlayStation_Oni173/24 10:45AM
lightning is pretty likeable imo
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Grey_Asakura413/24 10:19AM
When is a good time to play the single-player DLC for Assassin's Creed III?Justice9840543/24 9:50AM
Games added on PS Nownemerz43/24 9:31AM
One more reason to consider getting a PS4 - 5 Playable Characters in DMC4 SEace_spades11173/24 5:23AM
gta online texture appear late/slowlycolbie_smulders33/24 4:08AM
Does the 'soap opera effect' also affect gaming?dragon008543/24 3:29AM
Skipped 7th generation entirely, is PS3 worth getting today?jbtilley103/24 3:29AM
Raw danger and disaster report..Arrowsedge8983/24 1:57AM
That flash sale is INCREDIBLE!!!!
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GameHistorian513/24 12:43AM