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wolfenstein on sale? wtf?ElBorak77312/24 2:00AM
Updating hard drive with external driveShatterStr712/23 10:17PM
The gamepad makes me wish the ps3 controller was bigger
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InfinityOver01212/23 8:20PM
*Le sigh*...waiting for next PS3 Call of long...? Hurry up CoD!
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BOZK2112/23 8:02PM
GTAV digital?darkslayer001412/23 7:12PM
older games-series which you cannot get into today due to old mechanics/graphics
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completeboy4712/23 6:46PM
Would you buy Zoop in a 99 cent flash sale?knightoffire55412/23 6:40PM
Ps3 controller drifting problem.TheMKDestroyer112/23 6:19PM
party games!!!ZetaroZethren512/23 6:12PM
Games with time mechanics and robust NG+ modes
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shamfuru2412/23 6:11PM
Are there any PS3 or 360 games that run at solid/smooth 30 FPS?justaseabass412/23 6:09PM
Game with the Longest ProloguePrimeJumper2015712/23 6:02PM
Need help connecting PS3JJWatermelon98312/23 5:46PM
How long before the last of us....mw2boosterlolz212/23 5:35PM
PS3 is getting the most innovative Fighting RPG ever created in February 2015
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xenosaga1231712/23 5:28PM
Pan store icons and what's new not loading or loading very slow.Ron1989112/23 5:16PM
God of War Origins Collection, or Darksiders?theofficefan99512/23 5:07PM
Operation KOS-MOS [Calling all Xenosaga fans; this may be our last chance.].]
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VermaeusBallad4712/23 4:33PM
What JOKE Sony is. They need to go Bankrupt so Google/Apple can take over (GT6)
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eatmonkeys4212/23 4:09PM
Is the Ratchet and Clank Collection in 1080P?Rawe912/23 4:02PM