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Sonic Transformed is on sale!mmpepsi79/19 11:07PM
Thinking about Sonic All Stars Transformers.RJP_X69/19 10:22PM
Growlanser 5 on Playstation Classics is a horrible portfatherpein19/19 9:23PM
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How do you define "replay value"?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SegavsCapcom119/19 8:36PM
Next weekend Sony needs to make it up to us with a JRPG FLASH SALE!
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SUIT_UP359/19 8:33PM
Does PlayStation Move work with a rear-projection TV?UnclePhart69/19 8:28PM
Announcements Don't Me SQUAT !!!dragondrive3369/19 8:16PM
Unique monsters in Skyrim!
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Herrx149/19 8:05PM
The transition between this gen and the next is better than it was last gen...POOKISTAN59/19 7:34PM
The sales on full retail games on PSN lately have been pretty monumental...POOKISTAN29/19 6:51PM
I need help remembering a game's nameMasterSpectrobe39/19 6:31PM
If the GTA series is just numerous average gameplay mechanics, why's it so loved
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HaloODSTD129/19 6:18PM
What is your favorite Resident Evil game? (Besides REmake and RE4) (Poll)
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jason19192609/19 6:13PM
Quickscoping isn't legit skill at all
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DarkMaya6119/19 5:54PM
I sense my PS3 is near its end
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itzshowtime8119/19 5:50PM
Do you think it's justified when people say there are way too many FF titles?
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temoorashraf149/19 5:42PM
Hitman HD Trilogy...harcoreblazer39/19 5:38PM
How many of your friends have moved onto PS4? (Poll)
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Varron259/19 5:22PM
Is there no Sony keynote this year?u_mad19/19 5:03PM