Steel Monkeys release date: Q1 2009 (Xbox 360, PC, PS3). Probably not official.

#1Jieman1Posted 9/29/2008 7:59:15 AM

Steel Monkeys' site ( lets us know that this game will be released somewhere in Q1 2009. This might or might not be true. Factis that i have been checking their site since this game was announced here on GameSpot. Their release date has changed often since then, but there were also updates aswell. You might or might not know that this project is not unde construction anymore, but is probably cancelled if the rumors that are spread out on the net are true. People are saying (some sites are confirming this, yet it is not officially confirmed) that the place where Steel Monkeys was developing the game, has burned out. Due to this fire, every progress they had made so far was lost instantly. Don't know if this is true, don't know if this game will ever, EVER hit the shelves but i keep my fingers crossed (since 2004-2005). Google is your friend if you want to find out more. Don't flame/blame me if i'm mistaken.

#2queasy_Posted 10/8/2008 11:33:27 PM

damn, if this sht is true im so sad man, who the hell whould burn down a vg developer teams work?

the screens ive seen so far looks reeeeal nice, so im keeping my fingers crossed for this one also, thx for the info

#3StarGoyPosted 10/20/2008 1:45:38 PM
Bad news for 2-day Stove Gas. This was one of the earliest next-generation games shown.