remember how awesome this game looked 4 years ago?

#1goatman48Posted 6/4/2009 12:29:13 AM

i remember seeing the screenshots before the 360 even came out and man did it look cool. from that footage it looks like they spent some time on it too. what happened? do you think it still has a shot?

#2ManEHawkePosted 6/4/2009 10:47:04 PM

I remember being stoked for this game Those pre-rendered graphics still look nice.

#3ddlkllPosted 6/10/2009 1:55:26 PM
The game is supposedly on track but...nothing is really known more than that.
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#4CNUanManPosted 6/17/2009 8:38:32 AM
It better come out eventually, because this game looks/looked really cool.