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What game to play next after Blue dragon? (Archived)karlo2041011/26/2011
Install question (Archived)ShadowvLord811/19/2011
Good thing there's no Treasure Trove achievement in this game (Archived)LordHellmaster311/16/2011
what are Medals for i new to this game (Archived)tcf457073411/11/2011
Is there a way of counting how many back attacks you have done? (Archived)karlo204211/9/2011
Best rings etc and acc + 3 for all characters? (Archived)karlo204311/5/2011
Why do I only get one SP when all have black belts??? (Archived)karlo204411/3/2011
Soundtrack on Spotify (Archived)makeitchemical111/1/2011
Worth getting?? (Archived)subinate051010/29/2011
I'm missing a green forcefield... can you help? (Archived)StarKodama310/27/2011
Anything I should know before starting? (achievement-wise) (Archived)Damon Plus310/26/2011
How long does it take to get one shadow skill to 99 with no barrier magic? (Archived)Gnomestone510/24/2011
Urgh the last white barrier?? (Archived)johannanagels310/24/2011
Shuffle Gauntlet and Breastplate (Archived)EvilsnakeV410/13/2011
Stay in the default class until level 30 appro or change to the Generalst now? (Archived)karlo204310/10/2011
If they did allow magic to be learned from other enemies... (Archived)timo414239/29/2011
Song that plays during Mechat stage 3? (Archived)GanzRampage39/29/2011
Can't get at a nothing (Archived)Lothiam39/26/2011
Nothings Items (Archived)KoL_Addict69/22/2011
Does the main game difficulty affect mini game difficulty? (Archived)Undrtaker69/20/2011
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