What ended up happening?

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4 years ago#1
I haven't played ARC in years, but I know that when ARC went offline, some people started SPARK. I went to go and try it, but it appears to be completely gone. Website isn't anywhere to be found. No one talks on the arc-hq board anymore.

I am really just wondering what happened... I really miss this game =(
4 years ago#2
Bump. Not sure how the locking time limits work.
4 years ago#3
I miss this game so much =(

I actually had to log in to my old PC from 2004-2005 the other day for a document, and I found this game with about 100 maps I made. Oh, the memories!
4 years ago#4
If anyone ever comes around and this topic has locked, please post a new topic just letting me/us knowing what happened.
4 years ago#5
4 years ago#6
When this game would easily get 20+ person servers going on waterslide maps... Those are some of my gaming days I will never forget!
4 years ago#7
I wonder if anyone will ever come to this board again...
4 years ago#8
4 years ago#9
Why would you ever be unsure about that?
4 years ago#10
Did you used to play this game or did you just randomly cross this board?
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