no one showing up in servers?

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5 years ago#1

Hi, i have this game for Steam, and recently, for some weird reason, whenever i join a game, there's no one inside but me :\

now each game says there are players present lik 12/24 or 3/6 etc etc but everytime i join, its just me :|

has anyone else experienced this problem? does anyone know why its doing this??


5 years ago#2
Are there bots in the servers?
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5 years ago#3

Probably bots. Whenever you see a + sign next to a number, it means all those players are actually bots. There are very few actual people playing the game these days; UT3 is almost dead. There will be maybe 100-150 people playing the game in total on a good day, however.

5 years ago#4

I find that really sad because this is still a great game and not even that old and already people are forgeting about it. What a shame I don't see why it died so quickly.

5 years ago#5
Sadly people forgot about this game a week after it came out. Can't really blame them when modders were complaining the engine is to hard and with the game coming with a bug that if you played a custom map the server froze...took them about a month to fix that... Epic forgot people played UT series for the community more so than anything else. Also releasing it around crysis was dumb.
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