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6 years ago#11
Thanks for the reply Koga.

So I guess you can only control 3 family members directly and the rest just don't do anything unless you retire one of your active family members and activate one of the other members into your group.
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6 years ago#12
Well, there are tricks to that. Technically, yes, you can only control 3 people. However, a number of mods for the game allow you to add, remove, and re-add characters back to the playable list interchangeably. (The vanilla game does not allow this, someone removed is out of play forever.) One of the tricks is, if you have let's say Dan herding cows at your farm/croft, and he's 67 and you want to replace him with his son James, and you march James over to the croft and have him assign as new owner, Dan will often keep working and harvesting cows, or whatever he was doing. Then you can remove Dan as playable and he will sometimes continue working at what he was doing.

This is a bug, and it doesn't *always* work... you'll know if it didn't work because right away, the family member will drop what they're doing and do something useless like go home or to church. But for several of the professions, you can keep additional family members working and earning this way while not actively controlling them anymore. Also, without removing anyone from the playable list, this is a way to have a wife or whatever work "part-time" if you only have 1 business, or something like a farm where she can pitch in for awhile in between babies. You assign wife as owner of farm, set her to harvest cows, then set husband as owner of farm, and have him do something else, and both will keep working.
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6 years ago#13
Still here if anyone needs me!
"Koga no Goshi, I agree with everything you've said, and I've read all of it. You're everything that a TES fan should be." --- Itachi62
6 years ago#14
OK, I have a few questions. This is going to be long.

#1: Let's say for example that all 3 of your group members die at the same time (ganged up on by town guards or whatever). You still have family members in your dynasty. Does the game let you pick the family member you want to play as, or does it randomly assign you a group member?

#2: In the event that the family member that owns all of the buildings in your dynasty dies, what happens to the buildings? Does a family member inherit them or does something else happen? Also, if you remove someone from your group that is the owner of a building, do they maintain ownership of that building, or does ownership transfer to someone in your current group?

#3: Do you ever lose control of buildings? Let's say the leader of the family is a patron and his son is a scholar. If the patron dies, can you still create things in the building, or do you need someone of sufficient skill and level to control the building? Or, say, for another example, they are both patrons, but one is level 3 and the other is level 1. Can you maintain control over all level 3 buildings, or does production stop until the son becomes level 3?

#4: What are the advantages to having a large family? For example, the first generation has 5 children, then each of those 5 have 5 children of their own (for a total of 27 family members). Given that you can only have 3 group members, are the other 24 members of the family productive in any way, or are they just taking up space?
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6 years ago#15

I would say if it looks like all three playable family members are about to be lost in the same catastrophe, get busy removing some of them as active and replacing them with other family members who aren't about to die. Just in case. I do not recall precisely, but it wouldn't be unwise to assume the game will end if all three of your playable characters die and you have not assigned anyone from the family roster to take over as active in any of the empty slots.


The buildings will always stay in your family, even falling to someone who is not the correct class or level to own such a building, in the event that the owner dies. However you will not be able to transfer ownership between family members unless the family member you are transferring to has the requisite class and rank.

For example, if you have a pastry shop (the highest evolution of the baker's building), you will not be able to hand it over to someone unless they are at least a Patron, Level 5.

These buildings will stay in your family though. You just may not be able to have whoever you want take over them or work in them, unless they're the right class/level. If someone else in your family is a playable character, alive, and the right class/level to own the building, I believe ownership defaults to them over someone else who isn't the right class or level, it doesn't go by age of siblings or whatever if there's a better choice out of younger family members.


You'll still own the building but I do not think you'll be able to work in it yourself. (You may still have the NPC workers continue to work.) However your Scholar's kids can be apprenticed on the farm when they are of the correct age and then they will become Patrons.

As far as I know there's only 3 ways to lose control of a building. Enemy thugs attack it, get it to critical, and then take it over, burn it to the ground or fire destroys it, or the city develops to the point of naming someone King/Queen and they come and possess your property in the name of the state. (And yes you can do this if you become King/Queen.)


The main advantage is it's very difficult for plague or enemy families to kill your family off, and also, it's useful for politics. You can promote let's say eldest daughter into being a playable cahracter, get her elected to office, move here to where you want in the political tree, then remove her as playable. She will keep her office but always vote with/for the family, a few exceptions aside. (Sometimes they may not do what you want if they have to choose between two family members.) Other than that, no real purpose. Just gives you a huge pool of people to replace.

And yes, I always wanted any kind of mod or whatever to let you control more than three people. To my knowledge the very best thing there is is a mod that lets you remove, add, remove, add the same person back more than once, so that you can juggle and do lots of things. But the three playable character limit seems to have been hardcoded, or else no one ever bothered to create a mod to let you actively play with more than 3.
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6 years ago#16
Thanks for the answers. Just one more:

How do you rotate the buildings before you place them? :)
Death comes for us all. When he came for me, he offered me a job.
6 years ago#17
I can't remember off the top of my head, try either holding control or alt and moving your mouse while the outline is up, or else holding down left click and moving the mouse.
"Koga no Goshi, I agree with everything you've said, and I've read all of it. You're everything that a TES fan should be." --- Itachi62
6 years ago#18
Everybody happily enjoying the game without issue?

Also just since some people asked about Rogue stuff earlier in the thread, I wanted to say in general, Rogue is a quite difficult class to make decent money on, at least early in the game. Things like pickpocketing ratchet up quite nicely in terms of profit when you have higher level thieves/family members doing it, but as a starting out thing, you'll have to wait a long time to make money. Most of the other profession trees under Rogue, like kidnapping or waylaying carts or plundering buildings, I would absolutely not recommend except as something to do once you're fairly rich and powerful and can bother with things like a house out in the wilderness with cannon towers, good gear for your family members, etc. Something to "have fun with", but not rely on as a primary means of making initial money. Your family will wind up executed or constantly unconscious if you try to do this early in the game.
"Koga no Goshi, I agree with everything you've said, and I've read all of it. You're everything that a TES fan should be." --- Itachi62
6 years ago#19
How is the reneissance version? Just found it and I loved the original
6 years ago#20
I too have gotten the Renaissance version and just tried a few games having to restart due to the large learning curve and stupid choices made.

But in my latest game I was a Patron operating a windmill I bought. Things were going well for the first few turns. But then the stores ran out of wheat I was unable to make flour anymore. 4-5 turns later still nothing in stock. How am I to get more? I ran out of money and there is nothing to buy to help produce new produce to sell. Each turn paying employees to do no work is getting old. I did get married and tried to have them start a business but that is what drained my final money so unless I sell the windmill and completely switch gears I'm unsure what to do other then start again.

I'm just playing a 1 town game extinction match against 1 other family. But making it past turn 8-9 seems to be the furthest I can get before I'm digging myself out of a hole.

Is this a bug? Is there some other profession that would need to be growing these goods I need to buy and no AI took up this profession?

Any help or tips would be great thanks!
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