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6 years ago#51
How do you become king if there is a current queen in office?
6 years ago#52
Well i dont know if you figured it out or not by now, but you need to buy a "meadow" and then have your player cultivate the land so that you can grow apples or honey on it, Thats in regards to the one who asked about how to grow stuff in the Orchardist career, The question i have is what Business Makes the Blue and Red Plant dye that is need so heavy in the Bankers career? because if i could find it out i could be making tons of gold by now with that career, the 4.1 patch claims it fixes the problem of it not being produce but it didnt in my game there is still no dye for sale and i have been the owner of a bank for like 20 years now,
6 years ago#53

How do you get people to like you? I know generally that you can bribe and compliment people, but it can also backfire. Is there a way to tell whether an NPC will be receptive? I seem to have complimented and bribed my way into being a social pariah!

How/where can you use the recipes from the Guilds (e.g. church bells, etc.). When I put it in my forge, the AI immediately tries to sell it.

6 years ago#54
I'm very sorry, I can't answer any questions about Orcharding because that is new in Renaissance and I have not played it.

Becoming King or Queen - If one is in office, they have to die. Natural or manmade. You can try to get them alone, if you want to hurry up the dying part...

Getting people to like you: I would not advise concerning yourself in early-game with things like politics (the only real thing you need people to like you for in large numbers.) I would recommend politics as a later-game thing to get into, several generations later, when your family is well established and money is no longer a big problem for you. At that point, there are a couple of things you can do. You can assign one family member to be a "schmoozer", go around buttering up important family members, etc. Keep in mind that even if you're the wrong gender to be buttering up a certain person whose vote you need, your disposition is with their FAMILY, not with the individual. Flirting with his wife will still make his disposition with you increase as well. Another thing I'll do is have this schmoozer buy perfume and stand in the thickest crowds near the market so that everyone passing by has the perfume + disposition effect as they pass.

I'm not going to lie though, if you're starting off at a point where the disposition with your family is very low, there's no way to start the process of raising it other than through bribes. So it helps to have money not be a limiting factor.

Another thing you can do if a family really hates you, is challenge one of them to a duel. No matter what the result of the duel, it ends the fued between the family, and instantly the families are brought up to a respectable disposition towards each other.
"Koga no Goshi, I agree with everything you've said, and I've read all of it. You're everything that a TES fan should be." --- Itachi62
6 years ago#55

Thanks. One more question. Why do all my un-controlled family members just sit there? Is there a way to get them to go about their lives on their own? Seems like they would want to leave the house, once in a while.

6 years ago#56
I believe after a short pause, they do go about their lives. You will see them going to church, hanging around the house, or even drunk sometimes.
"Koga no Goshi, I agree with everything you've said, and I've read all of it. You're everything that a TES fan should be." --- Itachi62
6 years ago#57
Well how can i use the other members of family... i mean i have started a game as a scholar and and i dont know what to do with my wife.... what options do i have to make her make some money ? Or make her do something useful ?
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