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8 years ago#1
I'm at the level where you can see a beam of light coming out of it on the World Map. In the very beginning of the level, there's a high platform that I need to get onto using Crystal Pendulum, but I've tried many times and I couldn't get onto the platform. It almost seems impossible, but I know that's the only way to get up there. Could someone who remembers this level advise me on how to get onto the high platform? I feel stupid for asking this, but any help would be appreciated.
Long live Saint Seiya!!
8 years ago#2
you do know you can shoot that thing in different directions,right?
8 years ago#3
Yes, I know that. I got onto the pendulum, but I couldn't swing myself onto the platform that's above and to the left of the pendulum.
Long live Saint Seiya!!

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