easy, intermediate and hardest characters to learn?

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7 years ago#11
Hardest to play because of execution: Mishimas, Hwoarang, maybe King because of iSW and maybe Bryan because of Taunt > Jet Upper, Steve Fox to an extent

Hardest to play because of major weaknesses (like unsafe moves): Zafina, Julia, Xiaoyu

Hardest to play because of so much crap to remember: Lei
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7 years ago#12
^Pretty much this.

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7 years ago#13
Sounds like everyone needs to be using Jin or Dragunov.
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7 years ago#14
You mean the hardest or simply which char takes the most skill?

If the latter, Baek is definitely up there. I'll say he takes the most skill to learn. Lei would need a skilled player behind him as well. Probably Yoshi too. And mishimas will be mishimas,
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7 years ago#15
I've been dedicated to Lei forever now, and he is very hard to learn, for one the amount of moves, then 8 stances, with seperate moveset list for each of those stances. He's almost 8 characters in one. More if you consider each way when he lays down. Lot and lots of hours watching Asano and Tetsuo vids, even BloodRed, n8nmonster and Hattorii vids.. and actual studying as geeky as that is. I'd say you gotta be dedicated to MAIN Lei to master him. Esp at a tournament level. I can HaHa with him natural as anything now though and I have his entire moveset down. I still haven't mastered him, all his safes etc.. Overhand or joystick is NEEDED to use Lei properly. Also, anyone w/ cancels, dashes like Baek, Hwroang, Mish's and Bryans taunt cancel. But as a Lei player all those characters are hard to master no doubt, but do have a very effective basic level moveset to them for beginners imo. Even Yosh. To me Lei has no decent spammable, cept maybe d/b+4,4 which is a horrible honestly or Razor Rush which even that require timing input to step into stance.

It's funny watching new Lei users, hit buttons go into snakes, strike twice, kick at nothing, then fall down on the ground, roll around. You can just tell that his controls aren't basics like other characters. He is definately beefed up in T6 though. Thank you Namco!!! Others maybe hardest but like Baek got his low,low,low..low,low,high string that players can easily pick up and get wins. So I say Lei, I don't use any female characters since Xai in T5 so I can't speak on them.

Easiet to me just to pick up and win with is Kaz or Hei, just cause d/f+4, u/f+4444 or d/f+2 or Hei's hellsweep and their pokes
7 years ago#16
Meh, King's iSW is easy if you do it right and practice enough times.

Kazuya's CH d/f+2~EWGF is where its at. I CAN NEVER GET THAT CRAP TO CONNECT

And for those not in the know, yes it's easy to hit EWGF after d/f+2. But can you get the EWGF to launch into a full juggle?
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7 years ago#17
The iSW itself isn't hard, it's just those damn dash jabs you need to pump out for max damage. It would really help if King didn't have a f+1 (or was it ff+1?) move.
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7 years ago#18

Easy: Mishimas. Steve Fox. Law. Asuka. (Button Mash Character)

Hard: Bruce Irvin. Leo.

7 years ago#19
IMO the Mishimas are not the hardest characters but they definitely aren't the easiest.

Being able to meld your movement with EWGFs and then chain EWGFs in combos is where using them is difficult.
I feel good telling people they have bad opinions.
7 years ago#20
for me....

Easy: Feng, although there is a little more to him T6 he is not that hard to play with and he shows pretty good results

Intermediate: Steve. I find it impossible to play with him online because of his strict timed combos but offline since I've been playing him awhile I'm all good but learning ws12 was a real B

Hard: Miguel at the moment. Can't seem to wrap my head around SAV stance and all it's goodness.
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