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10 years ago#1
This topic is an informational topic on how to create and use Macros in FFXI as well as other basic system commands. There are two things that will be discussed in this topic: 1) Text commands; 2) System variables that the player has access to; there will also be examples on how to write macros and use various commands. I will only discuss using the keyboard to use macros, but they work almost the same way with a controller.

To create macros open up the main menu in game and go to the “Macros” section. FFXI allows the user to create 20 pallets of 10 macros, giving a total of 200 macro slots you can program. The first thing you are going to want to do is delete all the pre-made macros that came with FFXI, they are totally useless. It’s up to you how you want to arrange your macros, but I would suggest you come up with some sort of logical pattern to make remembering where they are easier.

To activate a macro you made just press ALT or CTRL plus the number key that is assigned to the macro (ALT + # accesses one set of macros and CTRL + # accesses a different set). To switch macro pallets press ALT + SHIFT and a number key for the macro pallet you want to use (CTRL + SHIFT + # also works). (# = 0-9 keys on the top row of the keyboard.)
FFXI:Chewurface|Tarutaru|BLM|Windurstian|RoZ, CoP: Complete|Midgardsormr|LS: PlusOne
10 years ago#2
Text Commands:

/ja = Job Ability

/ws = Weapon Skill

/ma = Magic

/ra = Ranged Attack

/pet = Pet Command

/item = Use an item

/p = Party Chat

/l = Linkshell chat

/s = Say chat

/sh = Shout chat

/t [name] = Sends a private tell to [name]

/cm [mode] = Sets default chat mode to [mode]

/wait # = Macro waits # (max 60) of seconds to execute the next line

/echo [text] = Only displays [text] in your chat log

/recast [spell/ability] = Displays the recast time of [spell/ability]

/equip [slot] [equipment] = Used to change equipment in a macro

/em = Custom emote text

/fish = Make your character fish

/dig = Make your Chocobo dig

/targetnpc = Targets the closest NPC

/sea [area] [rank] [level] [job] [seek party status] [name] = Performs a search based on the criteria given in the command, all criteria are optional

/map = Displays the map of the current zone you are in

/rmap = Displays the Region map

/bmap = Displays the Besieged map

/bank = Displays your bank

/storage = Displays your storage

/locker = Displays your Mog Locker

/join = Accepts a party invite

/decline = Declines a party invite

/pcmd add [player] = Sends a party invite to [player]

/pcmd breakup = Disbands a party

/blist = Displays your black listed players

/blist add [player] = Adds [player] to your black list

/nominate [various options I forget] = Displays a poll in the chat log for people to vote on, you’ll need to look this one up as I’m not 100% sure as to how to use it.

/propose = Should work the same as /nominate

/vote [option] = Used to vote when someone uses /nominate or /propose

/? = Displays all text commands

/? [command] = Displays help on how to use [command]
FFXI:Chewurface|Tarutaru|BLM|Windurstian|RoZ, CoP: Complete|Midgardsormr|LS: PlusOne
10 years ago#3
System Variables:

<me> = yourself

<t> = your current target

<st> = switch target / sub-target

<bt> = THE DEVIL, DO NOT USE! ;-)

<stnpc> = switch target / sub-target, only NPCs

<stpc> = switch target / sub-target, only PCs

<hp> = your current HP in “Current / Max” form

<hpp> = your current HP in % form

<mp> = your current MP in “Current / Max” form

<mpp> = your current MP in % form

<tp> = your current TP

<pet> = your pet's name

<pettp> = your pet's tp

<pethp> = your pet's current HP

<pos> = shows your current position on the map


<call> = an audible call

<call1> = an audible call

<call2> = an audible call


<call19> = an audible call

<call20> = an audible call
FFXI:Chewurface|Tarutaru|BLM|Windurstian|RoZ, CoP: Complete|Midgardsormr|LS: PlusOne
10 years ago#4
Example Macros:

/ma "Blaze Spikes" <me>

/ma "Cure II" <stpc>

/ma "Paralyze" <t>

/ja "Manafont" <me>

/ja "Provoke" <t>

/ws "Burning Blade" <t>

/ws "Tachi:Enpi" <t>

/pet "Attack" <t>

/item “Hi-Potion” <me>

/item “Pickaxe” <t>

/ra <t>

Multi-line Macros:

Macro Name: Provoke

Line 1: /p {Provoke} -----> <t>
Line 2: /ja "Provoke" <t>
Line 3: /wait 30
Line 4: /echo {Provoke} {Ready!}

Macro Name: Pull

Line 1: /p Pulling -----> <t> <call14>
Line 2: /ra <t>
Line 3: <t> incoming! Get ready!

Macro Name: Aspir

Line 1: /recast “Aspir”
Line 2: /equip “Main” “Pluto's Staff”
Line 3: /equip “Hands” “Sorcerer’s Gloves”
Line 4: /equip “Legs” “Wizard’s Tonban”
Line 5: /ma “Aspir” <t>

Macro Name: Taru Dance

Line 1: /em does the Tarutaru dance!
Line 2: /clap motion
Line 3: /wait 2
Line 4: /panic motion
Line 5: /wait 2
Line 6: /welcome motion

(you may need to adjust the /wait to allow enough time for this to work properly)

A few more examples using the system variables:

Macro Name: Status

Line 1: /p {Red Mage} HP = <hp> <hpp> MP = <mp> <mpp>

Macro Name: TP Report

Line 1: /p {Samurai} TP = <tp>

Macro Name: Pet Stats

Line 1: /p {Beastmaster} Pet: <pet> HP = <pethp> TP = <pettp>
FFXI:Chewurface|Tarutaru|BLM|Windurstian|RoZ, CoP: Complete|Midgardsormr|LS: PlusOne
10 years ago#5
Search command examples:

/sea (lists all people in your current area)

/sea all (lists all people currently logged in to your server)

/sea all 18-22 whm inv (lists all WHMs on the server between levels 18 and 22 that are seeking party)

/sea all 18-22 war (lists all WARs on the server between levels 18 and 22)

/sea all chew (lists everyone on the server whose name starts with “chew”)

/sea DynamisXar Linkshell (lists all members of your linkshell currently in Dynamis-Xarcabard)

/sea region 20-24 inv (lists all players between levels 20 and 24 seeking party in your current region)

/sea all 75 blm (lists all level 75 BLMs on the server)

/sea all rank 9 (lists all people who are rank 9 on the server)

/sea all rank 8-10 (lists all people who are rank 8 to 10 on the server)

/sea all windurst rank 10 70-75 whm (lists all Windurstian rank 10 WHMs between level 70 and 75) (I think this will work, but the syntax may be a little off)

Setting default chat mode:

/cm p (Sets chat mode to party)

/cm s (Sets chat mode to say)

/cm l (Sets chat mode to linkshell)

/cm t [name] (Sets chat mode to tell [name])


Always use quotes ("") in macros, sometimes they are not needed, but it's good to get in the habit of always using them. If you see quotes in my examples, leave them, they most likely need to be there.

You must leave the system variables in the '<>'.

Do not get crazy with <call>s in your macros. <call> through <call9> are very annoying; <call10> through <call20> are a bit more pleasant, but still can get annoying. <call>s only work in party chat lines (‘/p’ commands).

When using the /equip command the name of the item must be spelled as it appears in your pack, not in the item description. Sometimes the item name will be abbreviated and you need to use the abbreviated form in your /equip macro for it to work.

Adding the word “motion” (no quotes) to the end of an emote command will make your character perform only the motion of the emote; no text will appear in the chat log.

Learn how to use the “copy” and “paste” features in the macro editor, they can save you a lot of time.

The search command may return a truncated list if there are too many people to list based on the criteria given in the command.

You can type any text command into the chat window and the game will perform the command entered.

This is NOT a comprehensive list of all text commands and system variables in FFXI, just commonly used ones.

Some of the text commands listed are not necessarily useful in macros, but they are still good to know.
FFXI:Chewurface|Tarutaru|BLM|Windurstian|RoZ, CoP: Complete|Midgardsormr|LS: PlusOne
10 years ago#6
If I forgot anything, feel free to add to the list or correct any mistakes I may have made.

I hope this helps people out! =D

Game on!
FFXI:Chewurface|Tarutaru|BLM|Windurstian|RoZ, CoP: Complete|Midgardsormr|LS: PlusOne
10 years ago#7
I would just like to add some emphasis on the two macro commands that can make you a *much* better party member:



/echo is for things that the rest of the party doesn't really need to know. I don't care that your provoke is ready - you do. Because of that, /echo "Provoke Ready!" makes you much more agreeable to the party.

Also, /recast lets you know how much time is left before that spell/ability can be used again. It's very good for the ones that you're going to want to spam, to help you time them.

My personal Provoke macro (cos I play NIN):

/recast Provoke
/ja "Provoke" <t>
/wait 28
/echo Provoke is ready!

This lets you know how long it is until you can 'voke again, 'vokes if it is possible, and then tells you again when it's back up. You can spam it as much as you want, and not bother other players.

Similarly, my Refresh macro is:

/recast Refresh
/ma Refresh <t>
/wait XX (I forgot how long my wait is - it's adjusted for Fast Cast)
/echo Refresh is ready!

There is something that you should be aware of, though, if you have /wait in your macros. If you use another macro before /wait is up, it disrupts the first macro and keeps it from completing, so whatever you have it set to do after the /wait will not happen. (That's one reason why I have the /recast at the start of those, in case my previous macro was interrupted.)
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10 years ago#8
<lastst> = last target you selected from <st>, <stpc>, <stnpc> command.

Primarily useful for chat lines on macros when required.

Sleeping link macro

/recast "Foe Lullaby"
/ma "Foe Lullaby" <stnpc>

Cover (paladins)

/ja Cover <stpc>
/p Cover ==> <lastst>

I like using this because it lets me stay locked on a current target and be able to call out different targets on the chat line.
10 years ago#9
Awesome! I didn't even know about that one.
FFXI:Chewurface|Tarutaru|BLM|Windurstian|RoZ, CoP: Complete|Midgardsormr|LS: PlusOne
10 years ago#10
thats a very useful guide. Thank you for posting that. I didnt know about the /echo. So I guess "Provoke Ready" would show up just on my screen then and not the rest of the partty's? Thats awesome.
One question...what about equipping different items for a ws and switching back after the ws?

For example if I wanted to switch in a Puissance ring for Vorpal Scythe, and back to my Woodsman after that. How would that macro go?
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