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8 years ago#1
I used to play this on the PS2 a few years ago, and let my account run out when i picked up an xbox. Then, i came across the 2008 ver. for the 360, and thought i give it another try. . . Only thing is . ... .. i'm not sure which server will have the most 360 players. As, i've grown rather accustomed to my head set. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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8 years ago#2
i just started back on odin, cant use headsets tho i dont think, unless you mean private chat
8 years ago#3
private chat between u and other 360 owner

also ODIN FTW!
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8 years ago#4
Well, private chat is better than no chat i guess. . ..

But, i'd still like to know which of servers has the most 360 players on it. I'll be starting over, and i know i've forgotten how to play the game. So, starting out with other 360 players, and people just starting out with the 2008 ver. may be helpful to me.
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8 years ago#5
My guess is Odin has the most on it. But the damn place is so overcrowded that half the time i cant even get into whitegate because of too many people being in that one area.

8 years ago#6
I'm not sure why you feel the need to play with only 360 users. The game that PC and PS2 users play on their respective platforms is the same as the one you'll be playing on your 360.

That being said, Odin appears to be the most highly populated server right now. I have no clue which server has the most 360 users.
8 years ago#7
It's not so much about playing with only 360 users. I just want more of a chance of using the headset as i wont have a keyboard for the game. At least not at the start anyway. I've seen a miny keyboard that attaches to the 360 controller, but that's still going to be awkward and hard to use.

Anyway, Odin seems like a good place to start. The more the better. So, I should get started in a few days or so. . .. I had the red rings of death a while back, and i'm still waiting for my X-box to return. I got this game to start, Fable 2 to start, and the Force Unleashed to finish.
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8 years ago#8
Get a keyboard right away, the game needs one, and don't get the chat pad. You can only one on one chat through the dashboard, and that's not going to help you communicate with all six people in a party.
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8 years ago#9
also starting in a few weeks when the xbox live expierience gets here all 360 users will now have a 8 person private chat party option so now linkshells that are on 360's can now use headsets instead of keyboards, like my linkshell is 360 only because of this reason, because no offense but i get tired of typing lol.
8 years ago#10
Only 8 people though? Still not enough for a good sized LS doing endgame stuff (usually 18+ people in those events, somtimes well over 30).
FFXI:Chewurface|Midgardsormr - Retired
Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, 'ooh, this could be a little more sonic'?

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