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7 years ago#1
Originally posted on the PC FFXI forum by Demus and modified by myself to adapt specifically to questions often asked for 360 players, as well as updated a bit for newer features.

I feel that this thread is much-needed on this board, as the majority of posts on this forum are probably answered here. If your GameFAQs account level is at least 31, please request Sticky on this topic if you find it helpful. Here goes:

Please use the search feature of your browser (CTRL+F) to quickly find an answer to your question.

---===( TABLE OF CONTENTS )===---
1. Basic and most Frequently Asked Questions
• Is this game better than WoW (World of Warcraft)?
• Can I play solo or do I have to play with a party?
• Can I play this if I have it for the PC or with other PC users?
• How much hard drive space do I need?
• Help! I'm having trouble installing this game!
• How do I talk? Can I use my headset or a chatpad?
• How do Achievements work in this game?
• Online only?
• How much does it cost?
• What's the most populated server?
• How do I cancel if I want to stop playing?
• I'm (thinking of) coming back… what's new?

2. General FFXI Information
• What race should I be?
• What job should I be?
• How come I can't choose all of the job classes?
• What's the best job and support job combo?
• What does <insert jargon here> mean?
• What does each stat do?
• What’s the real deal with DEX?
• Why can't I ride the Airship/Chocobo?
• How do I take a screen shot?
• List of Useful Websites

3. Sub-job Guide, Gimps, And More
• What is Gimp?
• How do I avoid being Gimp?
• List of Expected Subs For Each Job

4. The Quick-n-Dirty Guide For Starting From Scratch
• Your Race Selection
• Your Nation
• Your First Job
• Your First 10 Levels of FUN
• Beyond Your Support Job

5. Miscellaneous information
• Crafts/Hobbies
• Make your own parties
• Level Sync
• Fields of Valor
• Missions and Quests
• Fame
• Beastmen's Seals

1. Getting Started
• Is this game better than WoW (World of Warcraft)?

Generally, WoW would be a better choice for you if you like to play solo, or can only play for an hour or so here and there. FFXI requires more time and teamwork to accomplish tasks later on.

Short Answer: Play both games and judge for yourself.

• Can I play solo or do I have to play with a party?
For the most part, FFXI is a social game. You will solo your way to 10-15 before partying with others (usually in Valkrum Dunes). If you do want to solo, there are several options:
- Beastmaster: This job is most efficient on its own, solo.
- Fields of Valor: This is a new feature that helps you gain some exp while waiting for parties. You can do it solo or even as a duo to get some exp instead of just sitting around waiting (of course, you could also make your own parties).

• Can I play this if I have it for the PC or with other PC users?
If you have this game already on the PC, you can play on it using the same account login info across all platforms (PC, PS2, PS3, or XBox 360).

FFXI Xbox360 startup guide:

• How much hard drive space do I need?
You will need ~8Gb to install the game, and more for the necessary updates. So make sure you have between ~8-10Gb. Delete some DLC if you need to. You can always redownload it again at no additional charge if you've got room after install and all updates.

The Race Begins Now.
7 years ago#2
• Help! I'm having trouble installing this game!
See this link for a solution.
Square's official response is to start your PlayOnline disc, go to Uninstall Software, then reinstall afterwards. Their second solution is to format your 360 hard drive. I prefer the method in the link above.

• How do I talk? Can I use my headset or a chatpad?
In this game, you communicate by way of keyboard, so you'll want to pick up a (wireless) USB keyboard. As for the chatpad, it lacks certain necessary keys (CTRL and ALT for example), so stick with a (wireless) USB keyboard. A headset will only work if you're playing with someone else on the 360 and form a XBox Live party and party chat.

• How do Achievements work in this game?
For complete information, including a list of them all, see this link:

• Online only?
Yup. You cannot play FFXI unless you're connected and online.

• How much does it cost?
PlayOnline itself is free. To play FFXI, you will have to purchase a Content ID; your first one will cost $12.95 and each subsequent one will cost an additional $1.00. For example, if you have 3 characters, you'd be paying $14.95 per month ($12.95+$1.00+$1.00). PlayOnline and XBox Live Gold are billed separately. You can play if you just have Silver, but you will still incur the PlayOnline fees listed here. If you have Gold, you still will be billed the PlayOnline fees.

• What's the most populated server?
The population from server to server is close enough to not make population a consideration for selecting a server. Short Answer: select your server based on where your friends are, not which server has the most people.

• How do I cancel if I want to stop playing?
You have to cancel your Content IDs if you want SE to stop billing you. If your Content IDs are still active, you'll still get hit with a monthly charge. You can keep PlayOnline, since it's free. If you lose your registration codes and your PlayOnline information, you may end up having to buying another copy of the game if you want to return (thanks Zohar Metatron).

• I'm (thinking of) coming back… what's new?
Go here: http://www.playonline.com/ff11us/polnews/list_upd.shtml

2. General FFXI Information
• What race should I be?

How the hell should I know? If you're looking purely at each race's stats, then you should probably decide which job you'll be spending most of your time doing and select the race best suited for it. If you don't care about stats, then just select whichever race you like the most aesthetically.
Please be aware that you can obtain gear to help account for any race's deficiency.

• What job should I be?
Well, what do you see yourself doing? Tanking, dealing damage, healing, or playing a support role? I'll display each job based on the generally accepted categories the FFXI community puts them in. I'll also show you which races are statistically suited for each job. I won't mention Hume for any of them, because they're the middle ground: they'll never be the worst race for any job, but they'll never be the best either.

The following link contains a lot of good information about each job. At the bottom of each page even includes how to play, gear guides, and more:
7 years ago#3
Tanks hold the enemy's attention while the rest of the party beats the crap out of it. They're usually the first to die, but generally have a good invite rate compared to other jobs because a conventional party cannot function without one.

Ninja: Some say Mithra are the best race, but I prefer Galka or Elvaan because they deal more damage (generating more hate) and have better defensive stats for when things go awry. Very expensive job.
Paladin: Galka are the best PLDs. Period. HP and VIT are the most important stats to and endgame PLD, and Galka have the most out of all the races. Elvaan are a close second, however, and they will provide an easier journey to 75 due to their higher MP.

Melees deal damage with weapons. Simple enough.

Warrior: WAR can tank or DD, but most of its abilities and traits are geared for dealing damage. Galka and Elvaan shine in both aspects.
Thief: THF is all about DEX. Mithra are all about DEX. Do the math.
Monk: The key stats for MNK are MND and STR... Elvaan have the best rating in both. Galka are a close second.
Dark Knight: STR is the main stat for a DRK. You've guessed it: Elvaan and Galka.
Ranger: Mithra and Tarutaru seem like a good choice for RNG with their naturally high AGI. STR also plays a part in Ranged Attacks, so Galka and Elvaan are fine choices as well. Hella expensive.
Samurai: SAM Weaponskills are mainly dependant on STR. Elvaan wins this one.
Dragoon: Dragoons sub a mage job when they solo, so the low MP of Galka and Elvaan create a weakness, but they come out on top in parties. If you plan on being social most of the time, pick Galka or Elvaan. Consider the other races if you plan on soloing a lot.
Puppet Master: Not quite sure where to put PUP. Since the job itself is completely melee-oriented, I’d say Galkas and Elvaan excel the most. For soloing or playing a possible support role you might want to sub WHM, and Tarutaru come out on top for that kind of thing.

Mages use MP to deal damage and heal other party members. Tarutaru almost completely dominate this category.

White Mage: High Tarutaru MP means more cures. Some say Elvaan are just as good later on because their CureVs will have a slightly bigger kick, but when it comes to keeping a player alive you'll want as many cures as possible.
Black Mage: Guess what? Tarutaru. Biggest MP pool and highest INT rating.
Blue Mage: Without a doubt, BLU is the most melee-oriented mage in the game. On one hand, the job can benefit from the physical stats of Galkas and Elvaan. On the other hand, it can also benefit from the large Tarutaru MP pool. If you like meleeing while learning enemy techniques and getting chastised for subbing NIN in parties, take up BLU.
7 years ago#4
Support jobs make everyone's life easier. Always nice to have around.

Red Mage: Not only do Tarutaru have the highest INT, they can also get a 1/1 HP to MP ratio for Convert. Some also consider Elvaan a good choice because their high MND allows them to land White Magic enfeebles (Slow, Paralyze, Silence) easier.
Bard: Tarutaru: they have just as much CHR and more MP than Hume and Elvaan. Bards are currently enjoying a very high invite rate.
Summoner: SMNs use thier MP to call Avatars to assist the party, but usually end up being a cure tank. Either way you slice it, Tarutaru are the best statistically.
Corsair: Corsair is kinda funny. You can be completely on the support side of things and sub WHM (gogo Tarutaru) or sub NIN, WAR, or RNG and do some damage (gogo Galka/Elvaan). They can give cool buffs like Double Attack, EXP bonuses, and increased Critical Hit rate, among other useful things.

Yep, I made a completely different category just for BST. You wanna fight about it?

Beastmaster: Every race has something to offer here. Galka and Elvaan offer defensive and offensive melee stats and Tarutaru can tout their high MP pool. A great class to play if you don't like parties.

Wings of the Goddess jobs
Scholar: Able to use Black Magic and White Magic.
Dancer: Front-line healers that can both benefit the party and enfeeble monsters. Not only are they competent fighters, but the TP they accumulate is used to fuel their various abilities. They execute Waltzes and Sambas to heal and create beneficial effects, and perform Steps to inflict negative effects upon the enemy.

• How come I can't choose all of the job classes right away?
You must first level a job (any job) to 30. Each unlockable job has a corresponding quest that you must complete in order to select the job. For more information on your specific job's quest, see that job's page in the above links.

• What's the best job and support job combo?
I'm going to say this once and only once: THERE IS NO BEST JOB COMBINATION FOR EVERY POSSIBLE SITUATION. It doesn't exist. No matter what you do, no matter what job you choose, there will be a use for you at some point in your career. Some jobs hit their peak of effectiveness early, some don't reach it until as late as Lv66. No job does everything. Enhance your job's strengths and let your party members compensate for your weaknesses; that's what they're there for.
7 years ago#5
• What does <insert jargon here> mean?
Here's a run-down of some of the most frequently used lingo in FFXI. This list is incomplete, so ask if you don't understand something.

HP - Hit Points; your health.
MP - Magic Points; your mana.
TP - Technique Points; 100 is requred to execute a Weaponskill.
SC - Skillchain; elemental damage done when 2 or more weapon skills are done in succession.
Mob - Enemy or monster.
Farming - Killing mobs for the purpose of collecting and selling the items they drop.
RMT/Gilseller/Gilbuyer - Real Money Trade/Gilsellers are players that play the game for the purpose of making real money by selling game money (Gil). Gilbuyers spend their real money for game money. All 3 are enjoying a period of severe unpopularity.
BCNM/KSNM/ENM - Burning Circle Notorious Monster/Kindred Seal Notorious Monster/Empty Notorious Monster; you'll figure it out.

• What does each stat do?
STR - Directly influences the physical damage you can generate.
VIT - Directly influences the physical damage you take.
DEX - Directly influences the rate of critical hits you make, and influences your accuracy to a lesser extent.
AGI - Directly influences the rate of critical hits you take, and influences your Evasion/Parry/Shield block rate to a lesser extent.
MND - Directly influences the power and/or resist rate of your White Magic and your resistance against offensive White Magic spells.
INT - Directly influences the power and/or resist rate of your Black Magic and your resistance against offensive Black Magic spells.
CHR - Directly influences the potency/resist rate of BRD songs, the resist rate of a BST's Charm, and the procurement rate of "Intimidation" from Killer effects. CHR does not affect the potency of Provoke.

That's as far as I'm going into it. If you need more info, check out some other sites for some further reading.

• What’s the real deal with DEX?
DEX influences your accuracy and critical hits. We all know that. But how much DEX does it take to raise your critical rate or accuracy significantly? As far as accuracy goes, you’ll hear anything from 2 DEX = 1 Accuracy to 4~5 DEX = 1 Accuracy. Whichever one you choose to believe, it should be obvious that equipping gear solely on the DEX bonuses it gives isn’t a smart way to raise your accuracy… especially when you take into consideration the fact that just about every equipment slot you have can be fitted with equipment that raises your accuracy directly. As far as Critical Hits go, you'll need to really pile on the DEX if you want a noticeable improvement. Damage parsers can't even tell the difference between your normal performance and your performance with +5 DEX.

So what does this all mean? Generally, you don’t wear DEX rings unless your main job is THF. In fact, you should never wear DEX rings unless your main job is THF. If you are not a THF, there are many choices better for you ring slots than DEX rings.
7 years ago#6
• Why can't I ride the Airship/Chocobo?
- In order to ride a Chocobo, you must first level a job to 20, then complete the quest Chocobo's Wounds quest given by Brutus in Upper Jeuno.
- To ride the Airship between Jeuno and the main 3 nations (Windurst, Bastok, San d'Oria) you must either attain Rank 4 in your nation (see Missions & Quests further down) or purchase one for 500,000 Gil.
- To ride the Airship between Jeuno and Kazham, you must either complete the Kazham Airship Pass quest given by Guddal in Port Jeuno or purchase a pass from him for 148,000 Gil.

• How do I take a screen shot?
Hit select, hold down the left trigger, then press the right trigger.
It saves to your POL account, not your xbox, go to POL > Navigator > File Manager > Screenshots, from there you can email them to yourself and extract them on your PC. Unfortunately you can't get shots of chat log/equip on 360.

• List of Useful Websites
I love GameFAQs, but the FAQs aren't updated often enough to keep up with the game. Here are some good FFXI sites for you to use should you need to research a specific job/item/etc.

FFXIclopedia - http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/index.php/Main_Page
Allakhazam - http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/ (Is owned by a company that owns IGE)
FFXI Somepage - http://ffxi.somepage.com/
Killing Ifrit - http://killingifrit.com/
FFXIOnline - http://www.ffxionline.com/
Official FFXI Homepage - http://www.playonline.com/ff11us/index.shtml

Some great tools:

Skill Cap Chart/Calculator - http://www.ausystem.org/~aushacho/gbox/ff/skill-e.html
Adennak's Skillchain Chart - http://adennak.com/blog/?postid=3
FFXI Online Atlas - http://www.ffxi-atlas.com/

3. Sub-job Guide, Gimps, And More.
• What is Gimp?

Gimp is a term used to define players that willingly play at a substandard level. Being gimp includes but is not limited to:
- An under-leveled sub.
Who do you think will get the party? The WAR64/NIN32 or the WAR64/NIN21? One player displays his diligence, the other shows his blatant laziness. Aside from being a sure sign of a player’s dedication to their own job, a properly leveled support job also provides useful spells/abilities/traits.
- An improper party sub.
RDM/NIN is fine for soloing. However, a RDM/WHM or RDM/BLM will be a much better fit for a RDM’s role in the party. BLM/SMNs, SMN/BLMs, PLD/THFs, etc. will all be spending the majority of their time being kicked from pickup parties because they just don’t have as much to offer as the other players with proper party subs.
- Sub-par equipment.
You’ll be a hindrance to your party trying to tank in Leather Armor or trying to deal damage with that weapon that should’ve been replaced 10 levels ago.
- Ignorance of an important game mechanic pertinent to your job.
BLMs that can't execute a Magic Burst, melees that can't time a Skillchain and WHMs that have targeting issues all fall into this category. Even if they have the best equipment and properly leveled sub jobs, they're still horribly gimp if they can't actually do their job.
7 years ago#7
• How do I avoid being Gimp?
Seriously, it isn't hard to not be gimp. Everyone that says it is is usually too lazy to improve their character.
- Keep your subs leveled
If you know you're taking a job to 75, level the subs you're expected to use in parties to 37 before you get serious about your main. Nobody likes stopping at 60 and having to buy gear for their sub to level it again because they didn't take it an extra 7 levels when they should have. If you're using WAR as a sub and you unlock your advanced job with your Lv30 WAR, take WAR to 37 before you start leveling your main.
- Use the sub you're supposed to use in your party.
Yes, I’m sure it's fun to swing that scythe and cast spells, but as a DRK/BLM you're missing out on important job abilities and traits from your other subs. Sub whatever you want when you're on your own, but when you start partying select the sub that's best for your party as a whole. And always remember to select your sub based on the job abilities/traits/spells it gives, not the minor increases to your base stats (INT, DEX, etc.); no amount of DEX is going to compensate for not having Berserk or Sneak Attack if you're a DD.
- Keep your gear updated.
This seems to be the most common form of gimp. Nobody expects you to buy the absolute best possible gear for every level, but we do expect you to be reasonably equipped. At Lv59, each melee is expected to have their "prime" body piece that lasts all the way through endgame (Haubergeon or Scorpion Harness). It would be in your best interest to get it as soon as possible, and to not level beyond 60 without it. 90% of the melee population has theirs, and if you don't have yours, word will get around and you'll find yourself with a lot of difficulty in finding a party.
- Do some research for your job.
Don't know how to time WatergaII for a magic burst? Look around on the FFXI sites or ask someone that does. Despite being a powerful tool, the internet isn't used as much as it should… especially considering the fact that this is an online game. If you don't know it, research it.

• List of Expected Subs For Each Job
This is just a list. Personally, I'd recommend leveling WAR, THF, NIN, and WHM to 37 no matter what your main is just because they're so damn useful as utility subs. Unmarked subs are the ones that have the widest utility.

~ Warrior - MNK NIN THF SAM* WHM*
~ Monk - WAR THF† WHM* NIN*
~ Thief - WAR NIN RNG†
~ Black Mage - WHM RDM
~ White Mage - BLM SMN*
~ Red Mage - WHM BLM DRK* NIN† WAR† SMN†
~ Paladin - WAR NIN* WHM† RDM†
~ Dark Knight - WAR THF NIN* DRG† WHM†
~ Summoner - WHM
~ Bard - WHM RDM† NIN†
~ Beast Master - WHM WAR NIN
~ Ninja - WAR BLM† RDM† RNG†
~ Ranger - WAR NIN WHM*
~ Samurai - WAR THF RNG† NIN†
~ Dragoon - WAR THF WHM† RDM†
~ Corsair - WHM RNG NIN WAR†
~ Puppet Master - MNK WAR WHM
~ Blue Mage - WAR THF WHM RDM NIN†
~ Scholar - RDM BLM WHM

†Situational Party or Solo use only.
*Endgame use only.
7 years ago#8
4. The Quick-n-Dirty Guide For Starting From Scratch
• Your Race Selection

Did you decide on which job you’re taking to Lv75? It would be a good idea to go with the race best suited for the task then. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll probably change your decision somewhere down the line and want to level another job. In all honesty, your race isn’t really a factor on your job’s performance until the seventies. More than anything, pick a character you wouldn’t mind staring at for 4+ hours a day.

• Your Nation
I’ll rate each nation based on their user-friendliness, starting with the most… uh, user-friendly. Keep in mind these are only my observations that take into consideration someone starting the game without any higher level friends. If you have a friend and want to join their nation, feel free to disregard this section.

1 - Bastok
Bastok has pretty much as everything you need. The Weapon and Armor shop are pretty handy for lowbies, the worms outside drop Zinc Ore that can be saved for getting Tenshodo fame (very important later on), and the Goldsmithing and Alchemy Guilds make great avenues for profit even at low synthing levels (pester Cat about that GS guide!). It’s also conveniently close to Valkurm Dunes.

2 - San d’Oria
Land of the arrogant asses. The NPCs here are known for their rudeness to foreigners, but you won’t notice it if you’re a citizen. The Armor Shop here sells the Leather set, which will charge you much less than buying it from the AH. Orcs in Ghelsba are great for EXP and getting Fire Crystals. Like Bastok, Valkurm Dunes is a fairly easy trip from here.

3 - Windurst
Windy isn’t really that bad. The Crawlers outside drop Silk Thread (lucrative to sell in stacks), the Yagudo drop the Bead Necklaces that can be used for raising Tenshodo Fame early on, and the NPCs here have the best selection of Magic Scrolls. What makes Windurst such a pain to start off in is the fact that the city itself is HUGE and you’ll have to make the trip through Buburimu Peninsula to Mhura and take a ship to Selbina to get to Valkurm when you’re ready to party. You can find parties in Tahrongi Canyon, but the majority of the server will be leveling from 10-20 in Valkurm.

• Your First Job
Monk. Seriously. It’s by far the easiest job to solo to 10 without a sub. The weapons are pretty cheap, the mobs go down quick, and it has the best survivability for the first 10 levels. I’m sure some of you want to pick something else to solo to 10. Here’s why each job will be harder on you than MNK:

WHM -You’ll have to buy scrolls in addition to armor. Soloing mages to Lv10 sucks. Not having extra MP from a support job is also up there on the suckdom scale. You’ll be burned out of MP constantly if you’re not equipped properly.

BLM - Pretty much the same reasons as WHM. You’ll also be lacking the ability to heal yourself while soloing. Soloing to 10 will be slow and painful as a BLM with no sub.

RDM - RDM isn’t too bad soloing to 10. Once you start partying, however, you’ll be expected to back-up heal and such. You’ll also have to spend a number of your first fights trying to cap your Enfeebling Magic if you went through levels 1-10 too quickly.

THF - THF is the weakest melee offensively and defensively out of the starting jobs. This puts it pretty much in the mage department: soloing it to 10 without a sub sucks. Well, that and it really has nothing to offer to a party until Lv15, so you’ll most likely be soloing to 15 without a sub. Ouch.
7 years ago#9
WAR - WAR's best weapons are an axes and great axes. SE gives you a sword. You’re screwed right off the bat. Instead of leveling with the sword, buying an axe, skilling it up, going back and buying a great axe and skilling that up, you could just start off with another job so you’ll have some money in the bank when you do level WAR so you can do it right.

MNK is the least painful choice here. I’m not saying the other choices are bad choices to start off with, I’m just saying that starting off with MNK is the easiest way to get a leg-up in the game. It’s an easy job, nobody expects you to tank, and you can save the money you make from the crystals and drops to fund the job you want to level. In all honesty, after you hit 18 with your MNK and get your support job, you should level each of the 6 starter jobs to 10. You’ll make some really good money from the crystals alone, and you’ll have a nice nest egg of Beastmen’s Seals to be used later.

• Your First 10 Levels of FUN
NOTE: The following describes the path using MNK as your starting job. This is by no means required but, as mentioned above, easiest to get you started. Feel free to try something else, or several jobs to get a feel for what you'd like to do, but understand that the first 10 levels are not a great indicator of your job's full capabilities.

Okay, so you’ve thrown out that Adventurer Coupon, strapped on that White Belt (Sweet! STR+1!), and are ready to kill something. First, head toward one of the exits of your city and talk to the gate guard with the initials in his name (for example, W.W. if you’re in Windurst). The gate guard will provide you with a Signet, which is very important. Killing enemies with an active Signet grants Conquest Points and causes them to drop crystals, in addition to getting the usual EXP. Make a habit of getting a Signet every time you leave.

Now that you’re outside, take a look around. Make a habit of checking a monster before attacking it (CTRL+C, /check <t>, or target it, press “confirm” and select “Check.”). Easy Preys will usually go down in less than 5 or 6 attack rounds. Decent Challenges are a bit tougher, and Even Matches will probably hand your ass to you if you aren’t careful. Toughs, Very Toughs, and Incredibly Toughs should be avoided. Fight the monsters that link (Crawlers) and aggro (Beastmen) with care. Generally, Beastmen are tougher than regular mobs of the same level. Spend your first 4 levels getting used to the mechanics of the game. You’ll probably get your fair share of deaths during this time, but don’t worry: you won’t lose EXP from dying until you hit Lv5. If something goes wrong, don’t be afraid to use Hundred Fists. Personally, I used it while soloing to keep extend a chain of Even Matches and didn’t worry about saving it for emergencies.

Once you hit Lv8, get the MNK/SAM/NIN set of gear from the Tenshodo or Auction House. Get a Justice Badge if you can, it makes a great neck piece for pretty much every job at low levels. You'll be using that Rabbit Mantle and Leather Belt for your other melee jobs, so hang on to those unless you really need the money. Switch to Legionnaire's Knuckles at Lv10 (you can get them with Conquest Points if you're Bastokian). Now that you're at a proper partying level, you should solo out in areas near Valkurm Dunes with your party flag up. Don't forget to visit the Crag of Dem/Holla. When you do get a party, you'll only be needed to Auto-attack and use Combo. Your path to 18 will be either very easy or a pain in the ass, depending on how good your parties are. If you get fed up with the goons in the dunes, you can solo to 18 without problems, it'll just take a bit longer and you'll miss out on Crab Aprons and Damselfly Worms from EXP parties. Don't forget to upgrade your armor and weapons. If money is an issue, keep in mind that you can always sell them back when you're done with them. Make sure you get your sub job ASAP… don't put it off past Lv18. Shout for help if you have to.
7 years ago#10
• Beyond Your Support Job
Now that you can allocate a support job, you should map out your path to endgame. WHM and BLM pretty much go hand-in-hand, so if you need either one of these it would be in your best interest to level both to18 at the very least, 37 if you'll be subbing one (or both of them) at 75. If you plan on having melee subs, you can take WAR to 37 without stopping. You should also take THF to 37 as well, if only for the fact that it makes farming so much easier.

I'd like to point out that my personal preferred route to get to 75 goes like this:
1) Decide which job you want to take to 75 first (let's use MNK for example). Take that job to 18 and do subjob quest.
2) At 18, change jobs to what your main job's subjob should be (let's say WAR). Make your main job the subjob (so you are now a WAR/MNK). Take this to 37WAR/18MNK. Your subjob is now properly levelled.
3) Swap back (18MNK/9WAR) and you can now take your main job all the way to 75 having a properly levelled subjob.
* Please realize that, at Level 30, you gain access to other jobs that might be even more beneficial than your 6 starting jobs. For example, Ninja is almost always used as a subjob for a tank, if not a main job. Keep this in mind and plan appropriately.

And, regarding farming, you should be investing your time into some sort of craft (fishing, Gold Smithing, etc.). You won't be seeing any large returns immediately, but you'll be thankful for a leveled craft once you start spending money on Sniper Rings and other expensive items. I'm not a craft expert, so check the sites listed above for more info.

4. The Quick-n-Dirty Guide For Starting From Scratch
• Crafts/Hobbies

There are 9 crafts in the game and 7 Hobbies (which can support your crafts). You can take all crafts to skill level 60. However, beyond 60, you are limited to 40 "post-60" points. This means you can take one craft to 100 or two to 80, etc. If you have two crafts at 80 and take one to 81, the other will drop to 79.
You skill up in these by combining Crystals you get off monsters with other items obtained from drops, stores, or fishing to create new items. These items can then be sold on the Auction House or used in later craft recipes.
There is no one craft that is THE one to take. All of them have a lot to offer but, as expected, you can make the best stuff the higher skill level you are.
You can start on a craft anytime, even in your character's infancy. Most of the drops you'll get early on can be used in your starting town's craft headquarters.
For more information on Crafts, see this link:

• Make your own exp parties:
Sure you can just sit around with your Party flag up and wait for someone to invite you, but you can also make your own parties. The best way to find others looking for a party is to type the following in the chat window: /sea all (job level range) inv
The job level range is usually +/- 2 levels (in my experience) in order to make things go as efficient as possible. For example, if you were a 14MNK looking to make your own party, you would type:
/sea all 12-16 inv
This will show you all players in all areas looking for a party that are between levels 12 and 16. Now, you don't want a level 12 and a level 16 in the same party - make sure to keep at most a 2 level spread amongst party members (or use Level Sync - see below). But typing the above example would be a good start to see what level and jobs are out there also looking to party.
As for a good party build, that itself is always going to be up for debate, but one constant that remains is that you will need a main healer (usually WHM) and a tank (NIN, PLD, or WAR). Beyond that is your call depending on what's available and how their abilities can help your party out.
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