so like, how the f*** do i do this

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3 years ago#1
Im trying to get a game going on my 360 but where do I begin? I bought the Ultimate Edition on Ebay, though I'm sure the codes are used. But how the hell do I play with Abyssea?

It is my understanding that if I buy the Abyssea download on Amazon I will get the codes for everything. But how does Abyssea itself GET ONTO my 360? I was able to make a SE account which was confusing enoigh, but now I just got no clue and customer support are monkeys.

Do I buy the digital Abyssea now, place the codes onto my SE account, fire up the disc and wait 18 million hours of patching then all will be good/abyssea will automatically install to the 360?

Also, do I actually have to download the abyssea to my computer when I buy it from amazon or is it just the code I need? Because Ive only got a phone and macbook and it will take ages.

Wow. Long time FF fan deciding to play this game 10 years later. And its f*****g confusing. Ive already paid 50 bucks for the ultimate edition, and Im about to shell out 20 more for abyssea. Throw in 10 bucks shipping and a 12 dollar monthly fee and this is one REALLY expensive endeavor for such an ancient game.

Wont someone please help?? If this board is still active. Thanks.
3 years ago#2

Hi. I had this same problem just last month. I used to play on PC 5 years ago and came back on the 360. Heres what I did.


1) got a used copy of ultimate version for 360 and installed it on my 360 hard drive (I was told minimum size you need is 20. I got a 120 gb). Note here is to make sure its a legit hard drive bc I first bought a cheapo one that was bootleg and it did not install onto this hard drive.

2) Did you have an old character or are you registering a new character? If you had an old character you could go to SE site and reactivate that character if you have the password and id (even then they can reaactivate if you call and answer some questions if you dont have this info). If you are making a new character you will need the registration codes.

3) I got the steam version of the game that had all the expansions for $20 (but i only needed the expansions from ToAU on, but watev). Once you download it you can see the "product key" if you try to play the game. You will copy the codes from here and use them on the SE site. This will allow you to access all the content from the 360. You do NOT need to install the game on the mac. However, I found that you must use a pc to be able to see the product key in steam's program... maybe it was just me. I used a friends pc. 

4) when you start the game up on the 360 it may update, or it might not. Regardless, if you put the codes into the SE account page correctly you will have all the expansions. 

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  3. so like, how the f*** do i do this

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