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New to the series, question about this game (Archived)Vara_sama45/31 3:05PM
So is everyone playable in this version? (Archived)shadowenclave4735/2 11:20PM
Air spin 3? (Archived)Uggy1524/30 3:56AM
Nebula Area 3 Liberation: 45/12 . . (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
deadpigs101114/21 12:29PM
5 Navis open the door (Archived)deadpigs10124/17 8:43AM
The best folder :3 (Archived)Jcorvus34/15 12:42PM
Invisible Paths (Archived)AngelosTheHero24/7 12:33PM
Blue Program Data Protoman won't touch? (Archived)deadpigs10134/6 6:40PM
Sound Quality? (Archived)BloodlustSweden13/16 2:04PM
Out of all the MegaMan Battle Network games, why did only 5 get DS treatment? (Archived)slk_23312/18 10:37PM
OK, so, how many TP Chips / Transport Chips are there EXACTLY? (Archived)MultiKoopa611/1 8:56AM
Is there any way to get Dark Sonic * code in the DS version? (Archived)MultiKoopa310/15 9:08PM
*-coded chip locations needed (Archived)Inferno05510/2 7:24PM
Doing a challenge run (Archived)duumb39/10 4:09PM
how to get z saber? (Archived)lfarceus99/9 5:56AM
Napalm Soul Folder!(Only possible in the DS version) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Roxachronic119/4 10:03PM
Question About Bass XX (don't have GBA Slots) (Archived)Inferno0528/31 7:56PM
where can i get soul cleaner? (Archived)lfarceus48/12 8:11PM
Does the Breaking > Sword > Wind > Cursor thing exist in this game? (Archived)mistermikeymike18/11 12:48PM
question about dark chips (Archived)lfarceus28/11 12:28PM
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