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9 years ago#1
Treasure Hunts

Name \\ Level of Locator needed \\ Reward
Where to pick up the tip
Where to find the treasure

#1 Tosca Treasure Hunt \\ Level 1 \\ Dark Crystal Staff & Ring
Mountain Village Tosca \\ Automatically obtained after receiving locator
Mountain Village Tosca \\ Top of the tower near the entrance

#2 The Bird's Shiny Treasure \\ Level 1 \\ Level 4 Spirit Magic spell "Virus"
Mountain Village Tosca - Tolty's Inn \\ Talk to Innkeeper Tolty
Old Sorceress' Mansion \\ Left side of map before entering the mansion

#3 The Black Cave's Mysterious Treasure \\ Level 1 \\ Curse Blocker accessory
Numara - Deeno Family House \\ Talk to Deeno
Black Cave - Hall of Foul Creatures \\ Passage directly branching off the exit from Hellpit

#4 Talio's Returned Favor \\ Level 1 \\ Level 5 Spirit Magic spell "Splitter"
City of Saman - Main Street \\ Must have helped the man prove he didn't steal the money and then talk to him after (after Experimental Staff)
Port of Saman \\ End of the dock

#5 King of the Glaciers \\ Level 1 \\ Water Charm accessory
City of Saman - Emelio's Tavern \\ Talk to Zamilo (after Experimental Staff)
Ice Canyon - Ice Gourge \\ After making it past the geysers near the entrance of Blizzard Peak slide down the cliff and zone back into Ice Gorge

#6 A Refugee's Misplaced Item \\ Level 1 \\ Scroll of Balance accessory
Gohtza - Low Town - Abandoned Apartment (after Gohtza freezes) \\ Talk to man behind elevator on Floor 10
Gohtza - Low Town \\ Southwest corner

#7 An Item at the Hot Spring \\ Level 1 \\ Spire Commander & Ring
Gohtzan Refugee Camp - Medical Tent \\ Talk to old man on the bed after defeating Don Laploss
Gohtzan Refugee Camp \\ Next to the hot spring

#8 Hidden Treasure in Station Square \\ Level 1 \\ Gaia Breaker & Ring
Uhra - Monorail - Central Square \\ Talk to Raha on disc four
Uhra - The Central Station Square \\ Near the monument

#9 Sewer Junk \\ Level 1 \\ Scroll of Secret Skills accessory
Uhra - Main Street \\ Talk to Muhga on disc four
Uhra - Back Alley - Sewers \\ Near the entrance behind the inn

#10 Trash Can Treasure \\ Level 1 \\ 4 Byproduct X
Uhra - Virno's Tavern \\ Talk to Virno on disc four
Uhra - Main Street \\ Behind the inn

#11 King Gongora's Secret \\ Level 1 \\ Demon King's Ring & Horn
Great Gate of Uhra \\ Talk to the first guard on disc four
Uhra - Gongora's Mansion - Magic Experimentation Labratory \\ Near Gongora's diray

#12 Cave Treasure \\ Level 1 \\ 12 Master Thief Tools
Gohtza City - Elevated Entrance \\ Talk to Jeeg on disc four
Terrace Cave \\ Near the center of the cave
When we die within our dreams, we simply awaken. Who's to say we won't wake up when we die in this life.
9 years ago#2
#13 Art Piece From the Ruin \\ Level 2 \\ Lucent Dragon Discus & Ring
City of Saman - Audun's Item Shop \\ Talk to Valle (after Experimental Staff)
Great Ancient Ruins - Throne of Sun \\ Return to where you fought the Ancient Fiend

#14 Lost at the Fountain Square \\ Level 2 \\ Level 7 Spirit Magic spell "Refreshus"
City of Numara - Thelran's Inn \\ Talk to Rakki on disc four
City of Numara - White Square \\ Near the fountain

#15 Treasure in the Destroyed City \\ Level 2 \\ Level 7 Spirit Magic spell "Reversa"
City of Numara - Sanuman Family House \\ Talk to Numan
Ghost Town - City of Ruins \\ Where the Arthrosaurus used to stand

#16 Missing Materials \\ Level 2 \\ 3 Star Absorber
White Boa - Guest Area \\ Talk to Crewman after obtaining the White Boa
White Boa - Main Deck \\ North side

#17 What the Cursed Mask Guards \\ Level 2 \\ Phoenix Discus & Ring
City of Numara - Katyla Family House \\ Talk to Tatan on disc four
Temple of Enlightenment - Altar of Truth \\ Search where Sorceror Fu stood

#18 Hidden in the Cave \\ Level 2 \\ Angel Guard accessory
Forgotten Cave \\ Automatically obtained after walking into the cave a bit
Forgotten Cave \\ East side of cave

#19 Sunken Town \\ Level 3 \\ Solomon Staff & Ring
White Boa - Engine Area \\ Talk to nearby Crewman
World Map \\ Break through the Northern ice barrier and disembark the Nautilus underwater

#20 Sunken in the Sea of Baus \\ Level 3 \\ Apocalypse Rod & Ring
Uhra - Virno's Tavern \\ Talk to Virno after receiving dream "A Hero's Return" and on disc four
World Map \\ Submerge the Nautilus East of the Sea of Baus

#21 Treasure Beyond the Waterfall \\ Level 1 \\ Medusa's Head accessory
Mountain Village Tosca \\ Obtained after viewing dream "The Hero"
Mountain Village Tosca \\ Behind the waterfall

#22 Lirum's Treasure \\ Level 1 \\ Level 3 Spirit Magic spell "Ailment Void"
Mountain Village Tosca - Tolty's Inn \\ Obtained after viewing dream "So Long, Friend"
Northern Cape \\ Just North of where the paths meet

#23 The General's Memento \\ Level 2 \\ Ogre Bangle accessory
Gohtzan Refugee Camp - Medical Tent \\ Obtained after viewing dream "Signpost"
Crimson Forest - Near Swamp \\ Near the elevator down to the Sorceror's Shrine

#24 Sarah's Gift \\ Level 2 \\ Blazing Fire Amulet accessory
Uhra - Main Street \\ Obtained after viewing dream "Beyond the Wall"
Old Sorceress' Mansion - Courtyard \\ Right side of stairs leading to Hermitage
When we die within our dreams, we simply awaken. Who's to say we won't wake up when we die in this life.
9 years ago#3
#1 Hanna's Departure \\ Uhra - Tolsan's Inn \\ Talk to the innkeeper
#2 A Hero's Return \\ Uhra - Verno's Tavern \\ Walk up to the bar
#3 White Flowers \\ Uhra Residential Area \\ Walk toward the family on the bench
#4 In the Mind of a Captive \\ Uhra - Virno's Tavern \\ Enter the tavern and go upstairs, after dream "A Hero's Return"
#5 A Mother Comes Home \\ Uhra - Virno's Tavern \\ Talk to the man at the bar, after dream "In the Mind of a Captive"
#6 Little Liar \\ Uhra - Monorail - The Central Station \\ Speak to the father and daughter on the bench
#7 The Upstreamers \\ Ipsilon Mountains - Northern Ridge \\ Walk toward the peak on the rainy side
#8 They Live in Shells \\ Crater Island - Numara Troop Camp \\ Examine Kaim's cell after getting ambushed at Grand Staff
#9 The Talkative Mercenary \\ Numara - Main Street \\ Cross the bridge past the boy
#10 Don't Forget Me Now, You Hear? \\ Numara - Canal Street \\ Walk through the bazaar
#11 Letters From a Weakling \\ Numara - Main Street \\ Descend the stairs near the item shop
#12 Evening Bell \\ Ghost Town - City of Ruins \\ Walk past the flower bed after the funeral
#13 The Portratist of the Dead \\ Numara - Canal Street \\ Stand near the top of the bridge after the funeral
#14 Elegy Island \\ Crimson Forest - Maze of Doom \\ Leave forest after rescuing Mack
#15 Seth's Dream Part 1 \\ Gohtza - Southernmost Coast \\ Disembark Slantnose on the shore
#16 The Hero \\ Mountain Village Tosca \\ Talk to old man near the mill
#17 The Bread of Grandma Coto \\ Mountain Village Tosca \\ Talk to man near village entrance
#18 So Long, Friend \\ Mountain Village Tosca - Tolty's Inn \\ Listen to men on top of stairs
#19 The Tragedy of the Butcher General \\ Black Cave - Maze of Darkness \\ Examine second soldiers corpse
#20 The Story of Old Man Greo \\ Saman - Audun's Item Shop \\ Talk to the cobbler
#21 Seth's Dream Part 2 \\ Saman Merchant Ship \\ Beat Mantalas
#22 Bright Rain \\ Saman - Main Street \\ Visit street merchant after the Experimental Staff
#23 The Ranking of Lives \\ Gohtza - Low Town (after it freezes) \\ Return with full party
#24 The Village Closest to Heaven \\ Gohtzan Refugee Camp \\ Walk to the middle of the camp
#25 Stone of Heaven \\ Gohtzan Refugee Camp \\ Sit down at the fire, after dream "The Village Closest to Heaven"
#26 Signpost \\ Gohtzan Refugee Camp - Medical Tent \\ Talk to boy on cot, after dream "Stone of Heaven"
#27 Beyond the Wall \\ Uhra - Main Street \\ Speak to the boy in the street, after obtaining the Nautilus
#28 A Chorus of Cicadas \\ Ipsilon Mountain - Valley Road \\ Return after obtaining the Nautilus
#29 Return of the Native \\ Numara - Main Street \\ Return after upgrading the Nautilus
#30 Lottery of Life \\ City of Numara - Canal Street \\ Watch the boy steal from the shopkeeper, after upgrading Nautilus
#31 The Queen's Loneliness \\ City of Numara - Palace Facade \\ Complete the second fight with General Kakanas
Preorder bonus #32 Samii the Storyteller \\ Uhra - Virno's Tavern \\ Speak to the man upstairs nearest the rail
When we die within our dreams, we simply awaken. Who's to say we won't wake up when we die in this life.
9 years ago#4
Royal Seals

Uhra Back Alley \\ In an alley near Castle of Uhra - Station Square entrance
Crimson Forest - Maze of Gloom \\ East of the path leading to the swamp
Black Cave - Helltrap \\ Halfway through the map on the left side
Ice Canyon - Snowy Plateau \\ Ledge above where the boss is fought
Burning Cave - Path of Darkness \\ Through the first poisonous gas cloud on the far left
Great Ancient Ruins - Astral Square \\ Near the entrance
Kelolon Village \\ Far right side of village
Uhra - Gongora's Mansion - Courtyard \\ Outside the mansion on the left
Castle of Uhra - Amphitheater of Sky \\ Unlockable only after all the previous seals are unlocked
When we die within our dreams, we simply awaken. Who's to say we won't wake up when we die in this life.
9 years ago#5
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When we die within our dreams, we simply awaken. Who's to say we won't wake up when we die in this life.
9 years ago#7
This topic deserves the the biggest sticky ever! Thanks man for the treasure tip locations.
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9 years ago#9
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9 years ago#10
Hey Falwen. Thanks for taking the time to put that up. Great info. You Rock!!!
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