Unlocking Hard Monsters

#1ferofaxPosted 11/2/2012 6:55:30 AM
Did anybody know this, that you can sort of unlock Hard wyverns way before finishing all the Village Elder quests? Granted, it takes quite some grinding, but I found out that as you unlock Big Size wyverns, their stats automatically updates to Hard levels on that quest.

I first found out about this while grinding Cephadrome (Gathering Hall 4star quest, "The Land Shark"). I was up to about 40+ kills when I got a Monster Bone+ from the rewards, and I got that silver crown at the end (his size was around 1800+, and colored orange).

What further cemented the idea for me though was when I was grinding Village Elder Urgent "Rage of Yian Garuga". I unlocked his big size after the 7th kill (my kill ratio was 1:3, one kill every three successful attempt using a Breath Core Hammer). The next try, I was surprised the Urgent changed from "Rage" to "Revenge", and that the preys had their carves updated to Hide+ and Scale+. Of course, Yian Garuga had his carves and rewards updated too. This presents a problem though, in that if I needed a lower-ranked drop from Yian Garuga, I might not be able to get 'em unless I can find a quest where he is still Normal size. I think I won't need to though, unless I wanted to grind for Blademaster gear (my YGG Gunner gear is almost complete).

Just saying, I guess, in the slim chance there's somebody out there playing this game that's newer than me.
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#2fuzzball01Posted 11/4/2012 6:36:35 PM
Yian Garuga always upgrades to G-rank after 7 kills, and is the only monster which does so. The earliest you can get monster bone+ is from 2* guild hall. The silver crown is only telling you that the monster you just fought was a little bigger than normal. Occasionally you'll encounter a gold star monster much larger than normal sized ones. Gold stars are usually 2x as big. Bigger monster also means more health, btw.

Sorry to burst your bubble.
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#3ferofax(Topic Creator)Posted 11/5/2012 7:45:44 AM
Hmm. Makes sense. Doesn't matter much anyway, looks like YGG armor will last me a good long while Gunner-wise. However, what surprised me is how early they throw this bad boy at you. It's really humbling the first few fights, or attempts at a fight, since he mostly screws me up well within the time limit. Plus the preys upgrade too! I can get relatively early better Velociprey mats and gear from them now. Not that they'll do me much good.

The main thing here is the few "tricks" I've picked up fighting any wyverns on Forest & Hills. For example, I can consistently own YGG+ in Area 2 now using a Hammer and charge-stomping just the edge of the ledge. If he pisses off, he''ll usually be back to Area 3 and then shortly to Area 2, where I resume hammering in relative safety. On Area 3, I can safely HBG large wyverns from the sloping exit to Area 9. Seriously, I finished A Troublesome Pair on that area, because large wyverns can't charge through an invisible wall there, and you've got a bit of space to move around in before you touch the real exit border. That means aside from recoil and the occasional fireball to the face blunder, my clusters, bombs, crags and pierce shots eat Rathian and Rathalos up. Plus they like to fireball each other too.

I love that little slope. Enough to move around in and dodge roll fireballs, charge attacks can't reach you as long as you stay a bit from the upper edge, which is excellent range for pellets. Tail whips can't reach you too. If they fly for a fireball, it rarely hits you and flies overhead instead. No flying claws either, thanks to the wall as well. They CAN try to fly-charge you, but they go overhead and overshoot you instead. Rathian backflip, can't remember, but I doubt if it hits. Only fireballs, really. Smaller wyverns can charge peck through if they start near enough, but can't charge as well.
pardon if my posts suck, i post by tapping on the handset button on a one-way analog handset. i saw Hannibal Lecter do it.