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Does anyone prefer this version over the other versions? (Archived)jefferyjosephh24/18/2012
preferred skills for sns (Archived)MHobsesser24/4/2012
Bowgun beginner! Some tips would be appreciated! (Archived)
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Got this game shortly after it came out... worth playing after all these years? (Archived)smajda8523/19/2012
xlink anyone? (Archived)Sul3zEr022/6/2012
Hao I shot web??? (Archived)OniSlaughtHamma72/1/2012
does any one still play the online monster hunter freedom 1 (Archived)therobert1234281/27/2012
wut should i doh? (Archived)InnocentHuman51/6/2012
in the first stage , level one how to get to level 5 and six? (Archived)Gamerzero071012/30/2011
So this one time, I was fishing, (Archived)fuzzball01212/28/2011
MHF1 will never be dead!!!!!!! (Archived)Literboy512/21/2011
I salute you, (Archived)fuzzball01411/28/2011
Wanna hunt tonite (Archived)friendlyspider111/5/2011
Thinking of getting this game but I'd like to know if... (Archived)thico_311/3/2011
Invisible to others in adhoc party for the PS3 (Archived)Hellsing96611/2/2011
Can an EU MHF play with an US MHF in the online gathering hall? (Archived)
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This is the best PSP MH game. (Archived)
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incomplete kut-ku armor... :S (Archived)
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Attention, whoever stumbles back over to this board- (Archived)
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Game is still awesome. (Archived)51L3NTW1NG58/20/2011
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