Stuck at initial loading

#1craelonPosted 8/5/2013 12:38:41 PM
This board is most likely dead but I'm getting pretty desperate. I seem to have a unique problem, one that I can't find a simple solution for. I consistently get stuck on the initial loading screen (the one after all the logos). It will stay on that screen until my PS3 finally crashes.

I had downloaded a few mods, but nothing too heavy or in depth. Just a few custom maps and a mode to let you use the hoverboard on any map. I've since deleted these mods, reinstalled the game data several times, and tried playing offline but nothing is working. Getting stuck at the initial loading screen is consistent, persistent, and unchanging. I've tried everything I know to get the game to load and it behaves as if I've done nothing at all. I no longer have mods and I've even deleted my save data after deleting the game data failed hundreds of times. I still get stuck on the first loading screen.

Deleting the update and running the game with no patches will actually let me play the game as long as I don't connect to the internet so I'm certain this bug has something to do with the patch. However, I play this game with other people, usually in the same room, so skipping the update which adds the splitscreen option is not a solution for me.

Perhaps the strangest part of this but is the fact that if I load another profile on my PS3 (one with a PSN account and everything) the game runs without a hitch. This just perplexes my situation further. If I can still run the game on every other profile then why can't I run it on the parent profile? What I've had to do is simply run the game on other profiles if friends want to play. While this does work, I didn't want this to be a permanent solution.

I believe the problem has something to do with the updates as I can run it fine without any. If there is an answer to this problem that I haven't discovered yet or if anyone else has any other suggestions to make my game work on my profile please comment here. I am getting quite desperate.
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