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User Info: KVGF007

8 years ago#1
About a month ago, I replaced my 60GB HDD with a bigger one. It was a Seagate Momentus 500GB HDD, same brand as the the original 60GB HDD that came with the launch PS3.

My problems...
-Problem #1: Most of the time, my PS3 starts okay with the new HDD. Sometimes I get this message, "Cannot start. The proper HDD is not found." Or, something along those lines.
-Problem 2 #: Newer games like HAWX and Killzone 2 have some issues with the HDD. During cutscenes and gameplay, the games would freeze/skip/delay for a short period every 3-5 seconds.

Is there anyway to fix my problems with the internal Seagate Momentus 500GB HDD so that my PS3 would start properly 100% and the newer games would run smoothly?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Darkfire6247

8 years ago#2
Problem 1: try reformatting the hard drive.
Problem 2 is not your HDD fault. Everyone experiences the short skips, they happen in loading areas.

User Info: th3nobodi3s

8 years ago#3
prob 2 hawks has 2 minute load times.
Chris obviously ate the last piece of KFC.

User Info: Happygogo

8 years ago#4
You're not alone. I actually did the *exact* same thing as you... upgraded my stock Seagate 60GB momentus with the Seagate 500GB momentus. I experienced the same problems.

"Cannot start. The proper HDD is not found" was one isssue that would randomly appear if I started the system.

Killzone 2 - sound issues where voices and speech were getting cut off for what seemed like the last 1/2 second.
Hawx Demo - totally unplayable and would stutter every few seconds in third person view (assist mode or whatever it's called)
Rock Band 2 - DLC songs stored on the HDD would pause and stutter, rendering the dlc content unusable.

I went back to my 60GB and the problems disappeared. Unfortunately I think the seagate 500gb is just too slow for the ps3...

I will probably use the 500gb as external storage and buy a WD Scorpio Blue 500GB HDD for the ps3 instead. I heard those work fine.
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