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flyer quest is impossible. (Archived)darklightevgeny18/19 11:13PM
To quest, or not to quest.. (Archived)LordTacoshima58/13 2:22PM
I just completed this and... (Archived)Tyranius228/13 12:51AM
Doubt anyone is here but im still gonna ask (Archived)zherot28/8 7:15PM
"Gap in skill..." *SPOILERS* (Archived)PachucoDesigns47/27 7:32PM
A list of sidequests? (Archived)The_404s94/7 4:24AM
Anyone use Area Word: "Thieving Black Dude" ??? (Archived)dandangogogo11/17 11:28PM
YO lets have a discussion (Archived)protoman dynasty21/8 5:48PM
Where Can I find Sub Gowns? (Archived)knightblazer85110/25 1:29PM
Codebreaker codes (Archived)LadyLeena110/1/2014
Getting keywords from story and quest areas (Archived)knightblazer8519/27/2014
Last Chance to Level Atolli (Archived)knightblazer8519/25/2014
Great places to find Lucky Animals, Mecha Grunty, and Battle Areas (Archived)CrimsonCerberus27/8/2014
why several people could see (apparently) the avatar in tournament (Archived)blacktepez11/13/2014
whats the best way to beat the doppleganger (Archived)cyan100121/11/2014
I remember when no one believed me. (Archived)Dawn_Wanderer18/28/2013
This is the trailer that launched the series :o (Archived)XoarWins18/27/2013
Which character do you wish was carried over from the first series? Part 2 (Archived)blood_blues28/1/2013
Is this a sequel or remake?? (Archived)Black Robe Sage47/30/2013
About Atoli reasoning helping Haseo? (Archived)kazumazero17/19/2013
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