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How to get any available patches for NG/NGB?AgentKillmore24/23 1:44PM
Should this game only be played on hard or higher? (Archived)bidoof0123/28 8:58AM
So close to abandoning this game forever... (Archived)CD Set53/17 10:02PM
counter in MNM? (Archived)wyansas43/2 4:52PM
Some new NGB videos (Archived)
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bigalski801/31 3:28AM
Does this game run okay on the 360 Slim model? (Archived)Da Dood51/29 2:36AM
Loud loading noises on 360? (Archived)ptreemf1221/29 2:34AM
HD crapped out... time to replay! (Archived)smeech8000212/16 10:31PM
Is it true NG2 was rushed? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz810/20 11:55AM
Why the hell is there no successive play? (Archived)bachewychomp87/25 6:03AM
Hard karma run (Archived)
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UltraViol3nt377/2 6:29AM
Games on Demand version question - does it have IP lock? (Archived)yarrmateys66/20 5:34AM
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New topic needed (Archived)
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Hard mode... (Archived)
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CD Set114/17/2014
Finally beat this game on MN (Archived)R4LRetro73/7/2014
Did they censor out the Iron Man song in NG Arcade in this game? (Archived)j_coat32/26/2014
I need more games like this! (Archived)LOLZuMadBro102/10/2014
Ninja Gaiden Reboot Was Ahead of Its Time (Archived)magx32/4/2014
Finally figured out how to easily beat the Radio Tower segment (Archived)RandomActofFail32/4/2014