Cutscenes and Boss Battles on YouTube

#1DejitaruKenPosted 11/25/2008 7:40:06 PM
Posted this on the PS2 board, but figured it applied here, too... same game, after all.

First I need to apologize.. I actually.. uh... made these two years ago for a friend who liked Castlevania but didn't have access to this game. It's been a mess... pretty much, I gave up after losing my save file twice, the second time being at the end boss, so that's where the videos left off (also note that the Innocent Devils get different names partway through... that's where I lost the first file). I could never motivate myself to pick it up once again, but by now I figured I may as well put the videos somewhere.

For anyone out there who still cares about this game...all three of you.. there ya go. All the cutscenes and boss battles (with steals... yes, even Death) up until Dracula.

Give them a watch if you need a strategy, need to waste an hour at work, or, by now, feel like reminiscing. Quality's not perfect... this if the first time I've ever really used YouTube, so I don't know its quirks yet.. what formats are best and whatnot. You can try the "&fmt=18" tags, but they don't seem to help too terribly much. Once again, sorry I didn't do this two years ago. I hope someone can still derive some enjoyment from it.
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