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4 years ago#1


Play Time: 2hrs13min54sec
Save: 21 times
Continue: 0 times
Alert Phase: 0 times
Humans Killed: 0 people
Seriously Injured: 2 times
Total Damage: 1 Life Bar(s)
Life Medicine Used: 0 Times
Plants & Animals Captured: 6 kinds
Meals Eaten: 2 meals
Special Item: NOT USED

Playing on the vita is way more difficult than playing on a ps3. my time on ps3 is around 1:40:00. due to the difficult vita controls, i could only manage 2:13:54.
4 years ago#2
i got 1:30:00 on the ps3, but what is so hard about the vita it should be the same game
master of mgs3 speedrunning
4 years ago#3
what is so hard about the vita?

no force sensitive buttons. (have to tap down on the DPAD button to put down your weapon)

L2 and R2 peeking is done with the back touch panel (you hand gets in an awkward position when doing so, making room for errors)

CIG SPRAY is SIGNIFICANTLY slower on the vita

you cannot run while equiping an item. (thumb stick for running is on the right, aswell as the equipment "touch" button. you have to let go of the thumb stick to equip a box which slows you down. you could reach over with your right hand, but it covers half the screen and it feels really awkward. this puts you at a huge disadvantage)

Equiping items and weapons requires touch. (Slower than using L2 and R2)

Speed shooting is significantly slower (instead of double tapping R2 cancel the delay, you have to double tap the screen which requires you to take your thumb of the square button)

PLUS the only part of the game where the guards are placed differently is the beginning of the snake eater mission. the 2 guards arrive faster on the vita forcing you to use stun grenades instead of running straight to the right (on ps3). plus the third guard on the right IS FACING TOWARD YOU. forcing you to either wait, or use your third stun grenade or even throw a snake or something of that sort.

i COULD list more, but you would have to play the VITA to understand how slower it is to play it.

and one more MAJOR thing i left out, is the aiming. Aiming is terribly sensitive. Aiming is the biggest factor that slows down a speed run. i did very little aiming and relied on auto aim. some parts forced me to use 3 bullets on one guard because it was the fastest efficient way.
4 years ago#4
One other thing that slowed me down was, (after having to use all 3 of my stun grenades), the ocelot battle. i could not use Hikari's stun method, which added at least 3 minutes to my time.
4 years ago#5
there must be a way to use a ps controller with the vita...
until then i guess the controls are really bad for this game on the vita :/
i guess you'll just have to get used to it its kind of like mpo with the modified controllers they added on the original psp
master of mgs3 speedrunning
4 years ago#6
yeah that would be nice.

controls are definitely better than MPO though.

i think if you practice with it for a month or so, you could aim a lot better like on a normal ps3 controller.

i see it as a challenge imo, no one would consider speed running mgs on a vita, so yeah.
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