Is this the waiting game?

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4 years ago#1
I feel that with the camo element and lack of radar, there is nothing more important to winning in MGS3 than patience; this is not necessarily a good thing. One of the best things about MGS, MGS2, and MGS4 was knowing what was around you and reacting to it, not simply waiting around like a log for something to happen. I know many people say MGS3 is the best and The End is one of their favorite boss battles, but I honestly feel the complete opposite.

I was never a fan of changing camo, and I was always worried that the simple 5% I could have had from one setup is the reason I was compromised. I tried to use the AP Sensor and Sonar, but wasn't ready to be jumped from behind.

Finally, the boss battles. My favorite way of getting rid of The End was to simply blast him in the wheelchair. I didn't want to play an extensively long sniper battle because I don't have the attention span to worry about it. As for the rest of the Cobra Unit...they never interested me. They're a bunch of angry men well past their prime with battles that seem to take forever. Foxhound had people with tragic backstories, Dead Cell had people with serious personality disorders and the best boss music, and the B&B Unit...they were just hot as hell, and I loved fighting them. The Cobras? Meh.

I don't know why, but when everyone looks to MGS3 as a favorite, I look to it as a chore. I can accept it was clearly the hardest game in the series, and that might be a factor. But when you play MGS3, is it to constantly switch camouflage or using your Sonar / AP Sensor?
4 years ago#2
Wow, you know what? Disregard everything I said.

I started replaying this game and it is F***ING AMAZING. I can truly appreciate it for what it is now because I've gotten more patient than when I first played this. The End is one of the best boss fights I've ever played, though not as good as Ocelot, The Boss, and most of all, The Sorrow.

I love the combat, the stealth is easy; it's Tiger Stripe, and change once every few different areas or so. The radar isn't needed because I can use the D.Mic or AP Sensor to guide my way; I was just too lazy to do that back then.

But right now, I've made it to the waterfall cave with EVA and I am amazed. It's like playing a new game for the first time and I'm very proud to be a Snake Eater fan. So proud I even ordered the HD Collection just to play it again.
4 years ago#3
I'm really inspired to hear that. I played the first two on NES when I was a kid and and metal gear solid 1&2 are my favorite games from ps1-2 era, but I just had trouble getting into the theme of this game. I'm going to go replay it right now and hope this happens to me, I want to believe!
4 years ago#4
The real beauty of this game comes through more when you play on Extreme, or at least hard, and go for no alerts. It takes some real creativity to get past some areas, especially Groznyj Grad with no equipment. I love MGS4, and it's very close but I give the edge to 3 as my fave, simply for the pure stealth game play. The enemy layouts, the setting, etc. are just more suited to stealth.
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4 years ago#5
I'm sorry, but getting the Fox emblem made me not want to play MGS4 anymore.
4 years ago#6
And now that my PS3 crapped out, I really want to play it again.
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