Is there a difference

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3 years ago#1
between the MSX versions of MG/MG2 and the ones in here? Or are they exactly the same?
3 years ago#2
The Subsistence versions have been altered. Both have new translated dialogue that is different from the originals, new difficulties and modes that reflect the Solid games and some of the characters have had their names changed.

MG1 looks basically the same however MG2 has new portrait artwork for the codec, intro and ending similar to the Solid Series and almost every character has had their name changed. Both games have a new Boss Survival mode and unlockable bandana.
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3 years ago#3
Thanks... I ended up going with the MSX version. And I just beat the first one a few minutes ago. It was really fun!

I love this sound effect:

The sound effect for when the wall is flimsy. So satisfying!
3 years ago#4
Yea I'd recommend the originals over the updated ones. I found the new translations made a lot of the dialogue more silly plus a lot of work went into the unnofficial fan translation of MG2 which strived to be authentic and true to the original and deserves recognition.
What did I ever do to you!?
You Exist!
3 years ago#5
And... I just beat the second one. I can't believe this is an 8-bit game. It looks amazing. I would never believe it if I weren't seeing it.

This one was more of a chore. It was still really fun but some of the backtracking was unnecessary. But it was still really fun, and most of all it's such a technical achievement, I can't not love it.

I'm glad I played these! I'm now ready for The Phantom Pain or whatever

Thanks for your help Snake

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