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I just got this game at Gamestop for $15... And (Archived)ZDT_Leader103/1/2011
Friendly fire+kill count? (Archived)DeuxHero93/1/2011
Raymond Benson will not be writing a MGS3 novelization... (for those who care) (Archived)butsizzle32/23/2011
Wishful, and somewhat pointless, thinking but... (Archived)Banana_Police62/21/2011
Is this a good game for someone who hasn't played a MGS before? (Archived)DeuxHero52/20/2011
so i already beaten snake eater should i buy this game? (Archived)oibur32/10/2011
My disk has stopped loading cutscenes? (Archived)nash_clovis52/4/2011
I got ripped off. (Archived)loltheskyisblue91/29/2011
What does the 2nd disc look like? (Archived)redmangoose91/25/2011
persistence disk! (Archived)lalelulelosop41/19/2011
I'd like some specifics regarding food hunting, please. (Archived)Pavlov_Tiger91/14/2011
question (ending spoilers) (Archived)XxPiccoloxX21/14/2011
Ghost Run- Finished 4 parts (Archived)DemonReacher21/13/2011
How beginner-friendly is this? (Archived)nash_clovis61/13/2011
boxes should be banned from mgs3 (Archived)lalelulelosop51/13/2011
Extreme Challenges (Archived)
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Hey, It Worked. (Reducing A Certain Boss's Lifebar, SPOILERS) (Archived)Goldsickle81/11/2011
Ghost Run (Part 8) (Archived)DemonReacher11/6/2011
You know why The boss is so well remembered by Big Boss (Archived)YAMI_ANUBIS_X41/4/2011
One question and one comment. (Archived)lilfate65471/3/2011
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