So, whats the word?

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8 years ago#1
I just picked this up at random. I've played through a bit of the intro and then I decided to check out some reviews. The sheer fact that this place is dead wasn't promising but the reviews are worse still.
There went my hopes of a fun lil find, it hasn't really started out to badly. Combat might be a lil iffy though. I dunno.
I am Jack's smirking revenge
8 years ago#2
it's actually a great little gem of a game. the KEY is to go in NOT thinking it's the usual platformer and you'll enjoy. it's a great-looking cross between an adventure game with combat and some puzzles. a lot of folks who hate it just don't seem to "get" what's here. if you want another cool game by the same team with more action, try scurge: hive for the gba or DS. if you have an ebay account, you can get the GBA version for about five or six bucks, shipped NEW. just look for the seller thumbmonkeys. they ship FAST, too. i bought a second copy of scurge for a friend (cost me .01 before shipping!) and a PC gamepad (2 bucks new) on saturday and i got it this afternoon!

8 years ago#3
Yea. I'll def take a look at Scurge. Sadly since my last post I havent gotten around to playing this game anymore, although it has been on the back of my mind. I got a lil bit caught up with LZ Minish Cap and FFAdv 5.
Thanks for the info. I might just have to get around to it sooner than I thought.
I am Jack's smirking revenge
8 years ago#4
no problem - juka can get a bit tough in spots (some puzzles require coming back later or exploring a crazy area where you teleport through color coded holes to new areas with enemies), but it's pretty cool nonetheless. i have both the gba and DS versions of scurge, btw. i like the gba one a bit more (easier dealing with one screen), but both look and play the same.


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