#1REALSONICPROPosted 6/17/2010 8:17:50 PM
Man am I late to reply!

Sorry gzimmer77 and anyone else who may have been looking forward to this game. Unfortunately, this just definitely isn't happening. Orbital's status is a bit complicated. Needless to say, I can't reveal specifics due to NDA and out of respect, but the people behind the company are still around under a new name and with a different focus. The newer games are still full of quality, of course, but oriented towards casual gamers on various system. Who knows, you might actually have played one of them!

If you end up experiencing any of them and enjoying them, that makes me happy. Sadly though, that's all I can say. In fact, I've already said more than I should have, but I hate to think that some people are still waiting for this like how I'm hoping for that new 3D Kirby that Nintendo refuses to release.

Thanks for your attention everyone, and who knows, if all goes well, you might actually see a certain character make a comeback soon!