Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Newbies FAQ *READ FIRST* V2

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I've read many reviews and I still can't decide if this game is for me. The only Metroid game I've played is Metroid Prime: Hunters for the DS and my one complaint is that I felt like I spent more time figuring out where I was supposed to be going than actually doing what I was supposed to. Will I feel the same way about MP3? I felt like Hunters left me in the dark a lot of the time and didn't make my objectives clear. So, is MP3 for me?
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This game is confusing, maybe its because i never played the first two primes. :(
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I only played the first one, and I get it. There's actually some reference to MP1. This games sort of ties the series together.
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serios question

i need 8 gold credits. i have 3 bosses left on hypermode. i have destroyed at least 5 of the red phazeoids. do you need to destroy them again on hypermode? and are there any special tasks that you have to do to get credits? if so do you have to re do them on hypermode?
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ok i just checked my red phazoid situation and killed ridley. it turns out i now only need 5 gold credits with ( i think ) all red phazoids dead and two bosses left. somthing doesnt add up. even if i killed the last two bosses on hypermode id still have 3 credits missing. i dont want to move on to phaaze with only 3 missing because i want to get this done while i have all the equipment. any ideas/help?
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What's the lowest %?
I heard it's 22%, That's with the Acid Shield skip, mandatory Energy Tank, No Missile Expansions, 3 Energy Cells.
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hi all.

please can someone help me. i have just done what is needed in pirate homeworld and now need to get to landing site A on elysia. the poblem is, i don't have the option to land there and if i land at main dock, i cannot get tolanding site a because it is too far to reach. what am i doing wrong or what did i forget to do?

regards paul