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5 years ago#1

It seemed like every other person in the last thread would ask questions that were already answered in the first post, so do us both a favor and READ through this please.

The purpose of this topic is to provide anyone with Friend Vouchers, so that they can be converted to Friend Credits (green credits). This is the only way to unlock certain extras from the main menu, and you'll need 15 total to unlock all the bonus content. Just to clarify, you'll acquire these green credits when I send them to you and not by sending your own. I'll be reloading a save from an SD card, so essentially, I have an unlimited amount of vouchers I can send. In order to trade vouchers, though, we also need to exchange Wii Numbers. Mine is 8076 9355 5799 2128. Unfortunately, there's more to it than that:
5 years ago#2
--If you're playing on a European, Australian, or Japanese copy of this game, I cannot send you vouchers. It won't work because you can't trade from one region to another. Your best bet would be to start your own individual topic and specify your region in the title, if there isn't already a topic going for your region.

--This thread is for Metroid Prime 3 ONLY. If you want Friend Vouchers for Metroid Prime Trilogy, there's a separate topic specifically for that game located on the MPT board ( You'll avoid a lot of confusion by posting there instead.

--Both parties need to register each others Wii Number in order to trade Friend Vouchers. Once both parties have added each others Wii Number to their Address Books, registration usually occurs within an hour. However, if your Wii isn't connected to the Internet, friend registration cannot complete.

--If you need to figure out what your Wii Number is or how to register another person's Wii Number, this is handled by checking your Address Book. From the Wii Menu, click on the envelope icon in the lower-right corner. This will take you to the Message Board. From there, click on the pencil and pad icon in the lower-left, and then click on the Address Book. Your own Wii Number will be displayed on the cover of the Address Book. You can register another person's Wii by selecting a blank entry from the Address Book (press the - or + Button on the Wii Remote) and filling it in with his or her sixteen digit Wii Number. Initially, names will appear in a gray font. Once the registration process has completed however, the name will turn black, and you will then be able to send vouchers in Metroid Prime 3 (as well as being able to send messages and other things to his or her Wii's Message Board).

--On the Friend Voucher screen in Metroid Prime 3, registered friends will either appear in a gray or black font. Just ignore this completely, as it can take forever for the status to be updated, and it won't prevent you from sending vouchers or receiving them after the save data is recognized.

--When you receive your Friend Vouchers, you convert them to 'Friend Credits'. However, the game only allows you to convert 8 at a time. If you've been sent more than this, try not to freak out. All you have to do is cancel back a screen and reselect your profile to convert any more vouchers to credits.

--Make sure you've got WiiConnect24 turned on. This will help speed things up with the registration process and with the sending/receiving of vouchers. You can enable WiiConnect24 through the Wii System Settings or from the game itself. To access the Wii System Settings, go to the Wii icon in the lower-left corner of the Wii Menu. From there, go to "Wii Settings" and then skip to the second page. You'll then see "WiiConnect24" as the bottom option on this page. From the main menu of Metroid Prime 3, choose a profile, navigate to the Extras screen, and select "Configure WiiConnect24". Then, choose "Yes" and then "Confirm".

--15 Friend Credits are required to unlock all the extras in this game. If you don't specify how many vouchers you want, I'll send 15 by default.

--Please post your Wii Number in this thread instead of directing me to your profile, the pm feature, or your E-mail address. Though they are linked, GameFAQs and GameSpot maintains separate profiles/inboxes for everyone's account. Rather than having to log in a second time and chase down this information on the other site, it's much easier for me if you just post it here in this thread. If you're worried about some random person adding your Wii Number in an attempt to register with you, you'd have to add that person's Wii Number as well for this to happen.

--I usually check up on this topic every other day. Feel free to trade amongst each other, especially if I don't respond in a timely manner.
5 years ago#3
Wow, if you are reloading to send vouchers - that's dedication!
Usque adeone mori miserum est? After all, there's always a continue...
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5 years ago#5
I'm adding you now, Tempest of Shadows.
5 years ago#6
Thanks for the help with these. Can you please send 15? My number is 7954 5528 4731 4651. Do you need/want any vouchers in return? Thanks.
5 years ago#7
Tempest of Shadows, I'm sending your vouchers now.

yodanun, I'm adding you now. Feel free to send whatever you want in return.
(message deleted)
5 years ago#9
Received yours earier today, sent some back as well. Thank you for the help.
5 years ago#10
Please send me the number of vouchers needed to unlock everything, wii code is:

4025 2655 1032 5935

I will send you any vouchers I have >.>
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