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How is this game? (Archived)dctalk20774/8/2013
Crashing SpaceShip? (Archived)habsalltheway3323/21/2013
Official Friend Voucher Topic (NTSC) Part 2 (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 ]
consummate gamer2792/16/2013
how many energy tanks is it possible to get before fighting the first hunter (Archived)andreasaspenber21/14/2013
What the heck was with matrixstream757's review? (Archived)CynralKynathel412/19/2012
Mogenar... Mogenar... Mogenar... Why were you such a wimp? (Archived)Crazy4Metroid312/4/2012
There is something I don't understand (Archived)Bugorchestra411/30/2012
I know this prolly won't get answered but (Archived)CptChaos7611/16/2012
What really annoys me. (Archived)randomoddguy311/15/2012
Friend Vouchers (PAL) (Archived)Steven_M_19_78310/24/2012
Is this game worth playing? (Archived)LegendOfCool321410/21/2012
something i was curious about.. (Archived)DGR1590410/3/2012
new player in need of friends (Archived)freonterror49/26/2012
too easy... (Archived)Ash_Gamma48/23/2012
I just couldnt do it. (Archived)feedmeacid58/2/2012
Would this game be better with Prime 1/2 controls instead? (Poll)stillnotelf78/2/2012
A bit disappointed with the somewhat epic soundtrack (Archived)feedmeacid27/24/2012
Hyper Mode Difficulty Help! (Archived)Aegis_Runestone67/19/2012
I cannot imagine Hyper Mode difficulty *possible spoilers* (Archived)Aegis_Runestone96/30/2012
Save File before Rundas or Gandrayda (Archived)Kingstist24/13/2012
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