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Ike is so hot <3

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6 years ago#1
You boys think there are any cuter guys in this game? ^_^
Ike is HOT!!!
Nice try, Daniel.
6 years ago#2
A clone of Daniel....
Brawl Friendcode: 4854-6099-1628 Gex
look gaiz im post dirty pix lololololol
6 years ago#3
whos your favorite character mines captain falcon
whos your favorite character mines captain falcon
6 years ago#4
Brawl FC: Primary 1891-7940-0018 KYAMI ------ Secondary: 0516-6999-0156 OKAGE
Chikara - Chie - Yuuki
6 years ago#5
whaddabout dat dere kirbeh?
Brawl FC 3823 8346 6973 please join -
6 years ago#6
O lawdy lawd I gotta gets me summa dat dere Daniel.

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