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Luvario vs. Fox

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3 years ago#121
But typically if someone's weakened they get...weaker.
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3 years ago#122
Luvario defies all physics.
I'm Ash_Raichu, now. I lost a rap battle with RAPdawg530. Go figure.
3 years ago#123
Phantom_Nook posted...
Luvario could beat Fox, but not Maeio or Sinic. Not even the lowly Olumar.

You mean...Oliwar?

Oliwar has too much power that not even Maeio,Sinic and Luvario combined could defeat him.
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3 years ago#124
Luvario master race.
3 years ago#125
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3 years ago#126
Cannondorf: Browser! Get me Google Maps. I need to find my way out of the Sacred Realm!
Browser: Why would I do that?
Cannondorf: I need to find Kink.
Browser: I don't get Google Maps here.
Cannondorf uses Warlock Punch. It smashes Browser, but electrocutes Cannondorf.
Browser fixes itself and wins again.
I'm Ash_Raichu, now. I lost a rap battle with RAPdawg530. Go figure.
3 years ago#127
Which Browser is best?
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3 years ago#128
Wow, I randomly decide to come back on here and there's an AwesomeTurtwig topic on the first page?

It's enough to draw me out of lurking.
(message deleted)
3 years ago#130
I had turkey recently. Twas good.
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