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I STILL don't understand why they added Wolf...(1 1/2 years later...)

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4 years ago#41
Tails82 posted...
Wolf is SO clumsy.

He's not clumsy, he has a strange play style. I do rather well with him. (side-b ftw)
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4 years ago#42
He's gonna have a little fun with that thing. :)
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4 years ago#43
Week later bump.
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4 years ago#44
I love Wolf, and quite agree with him being the counter argument to Fox

Though they could have given him some different b moves and a different final smash >_>
Alrighty then
4 years ago#45
pokedude900 posted...
It was a provisional account. The guy didn't even have the guts to do it with his main account.

Wolf : "Whats the matter, Scared?"
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4 years ago#46
baseball7000 posted...
From: LostSoulCalibur | #020
Wow onto page 3 already....

Learn to fifty posts per page. <_<

This. How do people live with only 10/20 (forgot which one) posts/topics per page?!
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4 years ago#47
10 posts per page is much more organized for small topics. The vast majority of topics I visit don't even hit 50.
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4 years ago#48
The one that requires less clicks is better.
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4 years ago#49
Honestly, I know it's too much, but I'd honestly like to see some of the characters that have similar movesets to merge. Like instead of having Falco kick the reflector, just give Fox/Falco the same movesets with different stats, and let Falco and Fox be the same style of character. Kind of like how in Tekken 5 Eddy and Christie have some different things about them give or take, but if you can use one, you can use the other and they were actually on the same character. I can only imagine that saving them some time.

Black Shadow for Ganondorf's moveset, and then merge Captain Falcon and BS into one character selection.I really don't want to see any characters leave. Because nothing sucks more than having your favorite character leave. And for the love of god I hope that characters aren't DLC for this game... Seeing Fire Emblem on the 3DS though... Doesn't make me hold much hope for that though.

So I hope that Wolf stays. Like everyone else. Snake and Sonic are the only ones that I can understand leaving. At least if Snake leaves though, I hope his moveset is preserved for someone. Maybe give it to Anthony for Metroid? I know most don't like Other M, but he was at least one thing good that came out of it. It gave Samus a friend.
4 years ago#50
Dark_SilverX posted...
They don't even play the same. Who needs to be taken out of the next Smash game is Toon Link.

If they get rid of him they should make link lighter weaker and faster, I can't stand regular link. Only toon link.
Most likely last post.
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  3. I STILL don't understand why they added Wolf...(1 1/2 years later...)

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