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I asked the Captain to show me his Blue Falcon. He unzipped his pants.

#1capgamerPosted 5/12/2012 8:31:08 PM

So just a quick poll/question: do you think Ganondorf is worse than Falcon in this game or are they both equally bad? I can't decide. :(
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#2Fluttershy4Posted 5/12/2012 8:48:32 PM

Well, according to the tier list, Captain Falcon is higher than Ganondorf. Regardless, I personally think Captain Falcon is better just because he's much faster.
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#3ShyGuySayPosted 5/12/2012 9:22:32 PM
Captain Falcon is absolutely amazing. How dare you insult him.
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#4gamestar3000Posted 5/13/2012 7:28:24 AM
topic title sickens me
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#5hhh000177Posted 5/13/2012 9:45:09 AM
ganondorf can't race cars
captain falcon wins by default
#6ThatGuyZPosted 5/13/2012 12:39:22 PM
The topic alone blessed me with the Awesome of Falcon.

May his Knee of Justice lay its blessings upon us all...^_^
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