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Please list your mains here!! (If you had to choose only 2) (Archived)
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If you think about it, it's really a 39 character roster. (Archived)Cow91/30/2008
The roster isn't the only thing in the game (Archived)PurpleWhiteOut21/30/2008
You people demand so much. But think of this... (Archived)Digiwario61/30/2008
so from all the subspace leaks (Archived)Wolf42261/30/2008
This game was destined to have clones in the first place (Archived)TheNinjaRaiden71/30/2008
Olimar working with Captain Falcon (Archived)Raichiro31/30/2008
were landmines removed from brawl? O.o (Archived)
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About characters not having a role in SSE.. (Archived)Rockleeroy51/30/2008
landmaster? (Archived)Dethestius81/30/2008
Who belongs to which stage? (spoilers) (Archived)Zargon1941/30/2008
So my Japanese speaking friend just imported this for his JPN wii (Archived)Squirrel861/30/2008
*Take off monocle* (Archived)
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Serious inquery about online character selection (Archived)futuredude00731/30/2008
Is there any support for SD card MP3s? (Archived)Oompaloompaman741/30/2008
does anybody.....(posible spoiler) (Archived)A13x_10_11/30/2008
Release date on reserve slip! (Archived)TetraGamer41/30/2008
Stop telling people they don't "deserve" the game. (Archived)Zanmoto41/30/2008
Remember the good ol' days? (Archived)LordDoomX31/30/2008
Ideas for assist trophies (Archived)Lionhead_Geek21/30/2008