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if this was the roster.... (Archived)
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The SSE Plot has been leaked: leave now while you can! (Archived)ShockKirby8011/30/2008
R.O.B.!?!?? wth... (Archived)bassboy020831/30/2008 do weknow if it is the 100% ending? *spoilers* (Archived)SuperDeluxe31/30/2008
PT will be banned from tournaments (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
So what characters do you want...... (Archived)Shacrob41/30/2008
You Sakurai sycophants are pathetic (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Can someone tell me the complete roster then. (Archived)_ChosenOne_21/30/2008
Official ROB >>> Ray topic. (Archived)LuigiKing51/30/2008
Pichu is still in the game (Archived)game2002101/30/2008
When This Board DIES (Archived)KiccRoccsGT71/30/2008
We don't have time to ponder the roster, as Link has just grabbed a smash ball. (Archived)Goonka71/30/2008
is his... (Archived)Koopa__Troopa41/30/2008
Toon Link's arrows go straight?! (Archived)Firekid2101/30/2008
Please list your mains here!! (If you had to choose only 2) (Archived)
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If you think about it, it's really a 39 character roster. (Archived)Cow91/30/2008
The roster isn't the only thing in the game (Archived)PurpleWhiteOut21/30/2008
You people demand so much. But think of this... (Archived)Digiwario61/30/2008
so from all the subspace leaks (Archived)Wolf42261/30/2008
This game was destined to have clones in the first place (Archived)TheNinjaRaiden71/30/2008
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